Sunday, September 30, 2007


Mick and I slept in on this lovely fall Saturday, rising about 9 AM and lazing our way through the paper and puzzles before Morning Offering. The college football season is Jim’s favorite of all the seasonal sports and there is much to enjoy!

After Morning Offering, I took some time off and just fribbled. It was most pleasant to pass the time in recreation. Jim was more productive, doing many errands and creating a double recipe of layered salad for the memorial service’s reception at St. Luke’s tomorrow. A long-time choir member has entered the gates of larger life, and our choir, along with the diocesan Cursillo group, is furnishing the buffet for the reception after the service with its food.

We met for lunch and then the beginning of the new Woody Allen movie, which we did not finish. “Scoop” had funny lines a la Woody from the beginning frame, but the character Woody plays was an embarrassingly accurate take-off on doddering comics who were vital but schmaltzy in the 1950s, and although I was around then to recall the object of his none to gentle lampooning, it got old so fast that Mick asked if we could leave the film early.

So the rest of the afternoon until about 4 PM was spent with Mick watching football and me reading and doing more New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle pages from Mrs. S’s stack of them, which she sent me recently. My twelfth-century heroine was unmasked as a female, scrambled back to England to claim her castle and married the hero at last.

At 4 I came upstairs for an e-mail session.
• Steve M has been stopping by bookstores and talking about our books, and wished to have some books sent to them for consideration. I told him we would be glad to do so. He also wanted them autographed, and I asked, to whom do I make the salutation.
• I had suggested making different categories for listing donors on our “Thank You” page so that we could highlight our more generous givers, and Steve M wisely pointed out that if all is one, then all donations are infinite. We will have just the one list, in alphabetical order. I confess to being a bit service-to-self in devising the scheme of categories of giving, knowing that in some cases we would receive a larger donation from someone who was interested in appearing in a higher bracket.
• Steve had some questions about how we price our books, and I gave him the information I had, referring him to Gary for the order list and the skinny on exactly how we ended up selling through and losing money on every copy of The Law of One, Book I.
• Steve E is thinking about dressing the B4 site now with images and wondered if he could use some photos Gary took at Macchu Pichu. I gave him a pitch to use some L/L photos, of our garden especially, as well.
• Steve E is thinking about writing a book somewhat like “The Celestine Prophecy”, using the principles of TLOO. He asked what I thought – I encouraged him to go for it – and if we could do some Q’uo sessions when he has written enough to know what questions he would like to ask them, in order to have unique material to quote in the book. I said we could do that. It’s just a matter of finding three people for the sessions, which always takes some time to arrange because everyone is busy.
• Wynn F wrote to ask if he and I could do something together. I pointed out that he was already reading Q’uo channelings on BBS daily, so in a way we are collaborating every day. But I also welcomed any ideas for further collaboration he had in mind.
• Judy R wrote to ask if I needed interesting photos and I said no. However I shall have to rethink that! Further conversation with Steve E indicates he really wants mood photos for various parts of our site, not just in-house images.
• I thanked Romi for trying to follow through with Don N of BBS on some questions he had about their broadcasting our channeling sessions and encouraged him to keep trying.
• Lastly, I dropped a line to Maria R, who has recently lost her husband, just letting her know we are thinking of her. With three small children, she has many responsibilities and a busy life. Where does one go with such crushing losses when one must cope?

Mick called bath time and put an end to my useful work for a few hours. We watched more football over dinner. I offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

I came upstairs shortly before 10 PM in order to tune myself for the upcoming interview with Lance White, the Zany Mystic, on his BBS show “A Fireside Chat”. Lance called right on time at 10 PM and we had an engaging hour's conversation. He asked about ascension, 2012, polarity and how I started channeling, among other topics. I think it went well. The energy was good.

Mick and I watched yet more football while I decompressed from the interview, and we sought our beds at about 12:30.

It is interesting how my TV’s being broken upstairs in my bedroom changes our habits. We stay downstairs right up until bedtime instead of going up for a kitty snuggle. It’s OK for the cats, though, as they can snuggle away in the living room just as well as upstairs. Dan D. was especially affectionate last night, spending almost half an hour on my lap, cuddling under my chin and purring like a young lion.