Wednesday, October 03, 2007


We awoke to a more clement day, with highs only in the low 80s, a welcome but temporary reprieve, since 90s are predicted by the weekend again. But today was just about perfect, with the roses nodding in the breeze in our side yard and the leaves starting to fall.

After Morning Offering Mick left for a full day of work, not to be seen again until eventide. I spent my morning hours writing my UPI column for the week. I decided to do a Difference Makers article on The Reverend Angela Peregoff, a Science of Mind minister who offers a Monday-through-Friday “Morning Blessing”. It is a free offering, and I have greatly enjoyed her daily readings, which are unfailingly positively oriented. Her philosophy marches well with the Confederation’s – all is one and that one thing is love. You can subscribe by going to her site,, and subscribing online. I greatly enjoyed honoring her.

Most of the afternoon was spent reading through Chapter 8 one last time before declaring it finished. I can move on now to Chapter 9! It will be super to tackle the last two chakras, indigo and violet. I am not giving violet ray its own chapter because there’s not much to discuss, since it is basically a read-out.

I did a little e-mail around and between other things. I had gotten a new transcription which my computer, which runs Word 2003 currently, could not read. I sent it to Ian to unscramble for me. It turns out that it was done in Word 2007. Why Microsoft would neglect to make the 2007 version translatable by earlier software is beyond my limited understanding, but I suspect it is a ploy to make everyone buy Word 2007. May I say that stinks? We have, as it happens, already committed to updating to Word 2007, because Romi has access to non-profit prices and can get the software cheaply for us. But what about the millions who don’t have a way to buy an inexpensive update?

Microsoft, you get the Goat of the Day award from me.

I wrote Steve M, who has a LOO study group in Chicago. He wrote, asking for permission to bring his study group down to Louisville for a meditation meeting some time this fall. I welcomed that, and told him that if he did, we would be glad to have a special afternoon session of Q and A as well as including them in our meditation meeting that night.

Gary had sent me his final version of our Thank You lists for donors and volunteers and was concerned about getting that done before he left to go see John of God. I wrote him to tell him to have a good trip. We can finish the Thank You page when he returns. He is most excited about the journey.

I sent Bill Hay Chapter 8 and also Steve M’s contact information. Those two constitute the heart of our Development Committee and they are planning a Matching Funds Campaign to gather the money needed to pay our bills in 2008. It should kick off soon. The Board is matching the funds donated, which is most handsome of them.

Mick and I had a bath and relaxed with a Star Trek Voyager episode before having our supper. Mick got a pizza urge, so Papa John made our dinner tonight. Romi came for a visit in time to snag a piece. We offered the Gaia Meditation together, with Mick offering the ending prayer.

We discussed our channeling schedule for December, not immediately finding a solution to a glitch, in that both the second and fourth Saturdays in that month are problematic either for Mick and me or for Romi. We did not come up with a solution before he left, but Mick and I continued talking until we had found a good solution. We will schedule the needed meetings ahead of time, and that way BBS will have its new channeling sessions for broadcast as scheduled, which is the professional thing to do. Meanwhile we can fulfill our other honor/duties when we need to do that.

Mick and I said a fond good night at 11 PM.