Saturday, October 06, 2007


The heat wave continues! After Morning Offering Mick set out on his Friday jobs, and since he did not have Gary as he normally does to assist him, he said he felt fortunate that the draught has kept the grass from growing, so that he was able to do all his yards by just touching them up and taking care of early leaves. Still, he was not able to come home for lunch.

I spent the morning editing the channeling session from September 8th, our first one of the new season, if one does not count the special meditation we had as part of Homecoming. It was an interesting discussion of the place of personality in a spiritual seeker’s life, responding to a question which Carmen asked. After the main question was answered, Romi asked Q'uo if those who would hear or read the session in the future were actually a part of the session, and they said that from the time/space perspective, the answer was yes. That felt very good to me.

After a late lunch, I did a bit of e-mail. I sent Gary a heads-up and request for more information on the Gatherings Newsletter which it is time to compose. I wrote Karen K at MacDuffie offering copies of my books for their Alumni Auction event, which offer she accepted later in the day. I wrote Sierra Trading Post inquiring about a blouse, a birthday present from Mick last July, which I sent back to exchange, but the exchange for which has never arrived. I wrote Chee offering what I felt I could to help grow his web site. I thanked Lance White for the fun it was to be on his show – he interviewed me recently. And I wrote Rev. Charles thanking him for his letter on my article on the Jena 6.

Feeling slightly more caught up on e-mail, I turned to the delightful and very absorbing task of reading through my quotes on indigo ray and planning how I would approach writing that chapter. I was expecting a visit from my old friend, Beth P, but somehow I did not hear her knock on the front door. When we finally connected by telephone and I found that she had thought I was not at home - Mick had taken my car to a routine doctor's appointment - I offered to come visit her at her Dad’s house instead. She is here taking care of him for a while and leaves tomorrow for Nova Scotia, so I did want to get together with her.

After Mick arrived home, we bathed and had a delicious date, and then he offered to visit Beth with me. It worked out well. Frank, her father, is a football fan so Jim and he watched Louisville play a faulty game – pitiful was the word Frank used – while Both and I had a comfortable coze and I saw all her photos of her darling grand-daughter Anika.

Anika was less than two pounds when she was born, and both she and her mama, Beth’s daughter, Raina, almost died during the very, very premature birth. Fortunately Mom and Baby both have recovered very well and Anika is a darling, sunny, healthy little indigo. Just this week, at five months old, she was given her official birth date, so that she will be in the right grade in school developmentally later on. Lucky gal! Two birthdays every year!

After we arrived back at Camelot I worked on the last of my New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles while Mick took in some more football, and we patted kitties and said good night at midnight.