Tuesday, October 09, 2007


While the temperature rose to 96 F, after Morning Offering Mick went a-mowing and a-clearing while I came upstairs to work on a little e-mail. I wrote the Sierra company twice, as they have thoroughly mixed up my exchange of a birthday present I sent back in late July. I hope that this exchange of e-mails with their service department takes care of it. Jim gave me a beautiful blouse and I found it to be too small. I would really love to receive it in a larger size. Here’s hoping!

I wrote Gary asking him to provide Chee with some publicity materials for my articles on his site, www.cosmiclighthouse.com. I also wrote him concerning our “Thank You” page. I think we have finalized it now! It will be good to get those gratitude waves flowing out to our volunteers and donors.

I wrote Ian thanking him for doing such a splendid job on archiving the Homecoming 2007 materials. He made one PDF file out of all the study quotes for all the chakras, a handsome 90-page document for people to study if they wish. He included our curriculum, a link to our group photos, other photos and my blog for those days as well. It’s beautifully done!

Dianne S had written to ask me out to lunch, and I accepted, telling her what days I was free.

Gary had checked with amazon.com to discover if they had any of our books left to sell and we had a few Wanderer’s Handbooks and Book V’s of TLOO. He asked me if I wanted to retrieve them or let them sell out, and I suggested we let them sell out. We have withdrawn out books from amazon.com because they take such a deep price cut that we lose money on Book I and make only pennies per copy on the others. Hopefully our fully secure on-line store will be ready to launch on the new www.bring4th.org site soon.

For the rest of the morning I edited on my interview with Marcia McMahon on her BBS Radio show, “Peaceful Planet”, this last June. I got about halfway through the 27-page job. I am very glad to have this material to put up on site, as she asked me a lot about 2012 and this information seems of interest to many. She really appreciated getting a more upbeat view of the times ahead, and I believe others will as well.

Melissa had come down from Avalon to do town chores like laundry and filling up her water bottles, and she and I went on an errand run and had lunch at a favorite burger joint of mine, Frisch’s Big Boy. They make a good burger and have the best cole slaw in town. I purchased new ice trays, finding ones that advertise being easy-out for the ice cubes. We’ve used our old ones for maybe a decade and they have started to break apart and become unusable.

My afternoon was spent in a most pleasant way: perusing the quote collections which I had made for indigo and violet rays and musing about how to arrange Chapter 9 of 101. I got a little way into the violet-ray quote collection, making notes as I went.

Mick called bath time all too soon, for I was having a wonderful day and almost wished I did not have to stop work! But leisure is good too, and we enjoyed a bath together and then a sweet date. Both Gary and Melissa took off and Mick and I supped together, offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, and enjoyed Star Trek Voyager episodes until bedtime came at 11 PM.