Thursday, October 11, 2007


What an exciting day for our little part of the scorched earth of Kentucky! The high temperature today was below 70 F! It barely made it into the 60s, in fact, and was ten degrees BELOW normal. Hallelujah!! Tomorrow I wear my first sweater of the season.

After Morning Offering, Mick set off to mow while I finished editing the interview I had with Marcia McMahon. At last! Due to Marcia’s habit of not creating complete sentences in her speech patterns, and my desire to have a smooth "read" on our site, it was a long edit job, but it came out OK. Not that Marcia did not ask good questions - she did. I always knew what she was saying. it just looks better on the page to have complete sentences.

Mick was home for lunch, always a treat. He departed afterwards to take a big trailer-load of limbs up to Avalon for use as erosion control in our feeder creek’s ravine, along the access road. His habit of doing this seems to be helping the problem quite a bit.

I spent my afternoon largely working on Chapter 9, finishing the first reading-and-pondering of my quotes database and starting through the second time, identifying each quote by subject in marginal notes. I will create my chapter outline from these notes.

I had several exchanges of e- mail today with Renee C, my new UPI editor. She found some facts in my article on Columbus Day which she felt needed softening, and I was glad to agree with her, as I would not want the point of my article to be blunted by questionable details in the story.

I have a counseling session with a new client either next Wednesday or Thursday. I wrote Gary to enquire if he had discovered which day works for her.

Lee, partner of Chee at, wrote asking about polarity. I sent him Chapter 2 of 101, which is all about polarity. This is a test! If the material answers his question, then the chapter is well written. Here’s hoping!

I am still dickering with Sierra over my birthday blouse. Their agent claims Sierra never got it, which I suppose means I have lost the blouse and cannot get an exchange. Bummer! It was a very expensive blouse, soft as silk but made of fine cotton, which Mick had gotten at a considerable discount and I loved it.

The "Democracy Now" folks wrote to say they are sending us two D-N T-shirts. Mick will be tickled! I wrote to thank the agent.

Dianne S, with whom I am lunching tomorrow, wanted to go downtown to eat, so I suggested to her three nice places to go.

Ian wrote to say that he has been talking with Blitzprint about the cover of our Book of Days. He pointed out to them that they should have used a certain process which makes a clearer, sharper image than the one they used. We had paid for the sharper image. They offered us either a re-print at their expense or a refund. I suggested that we find out how much they are willing to pay for their mistake before deciding. We could use the money for other projects, after all, and the cover looks great to me. But I was not in the publishing business for years, as was Ian. He has an eagle-eye!

I sent Gary my publicity shots which I had taken for Book of Days, so that he can create a publicity blurb for the site.

I wrote Bob R to get Janet I’s address and other contact information. I found the sheet of OLOROMO exercises which I previously could not lay my hands on, and I wanted to send her a copy. the Q'uo group had recommended them to her in a channeling session at Mackinac Island.

Mick and I had a very peaceful and restful evening together, after our bath, having CSI on in the background while talking of many things. I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation. Mick commented how good it would be to have our upstairs TV back! The repairman comes again tomorrow, hopefully to install the parts the TV needs and get it back to good operation. We patted kitties extensively and sought our rest at 11 PM.