Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What a heavenly sound to awaken to: rain! It was just a pitter-pat and did not rate even “a trace” officially, but it heralded the end of our long-lasting heat wave! It was only 82 today, and will be ten degrees cooler by tomorrow! How sweet it is!

After Morning Offering Mick went off to do chores and a bit of mowing, which is becoming leaf-crunching more than grass-cutting as autumn’s bounty falls. I spent the morning and the early afternoon writing an article for UPI on changing Columbus Day to Remembrance and Reconciliation Day. Very coincidentally, Eli E had just forwarded me a brilliant essay on Christopher Columbus by Thom Hartmann. He writes so well and so cogently. I think I will subscribe to his on-line newsletter. If you are interested in checking him out yourself, his address is His material fit in beautifully with what I wanted to say.

I spent some time in the kitchen at lunch time, as I was finishing up my previous lunch items today and needed to prepare another luncheon dish for tomorrow and thereafter. I wanted to use eggs, since we have lots and lots, courtesy of Avalon’s chickens. I found some sausage which we must have bought for a gathering and then not used. I defrosted that and made a baked dish out of sausage, onions, eggs, lots of herbs and cheese. It looks good! We’ll see how it tastes tomorrow.

I continued working on the violet-ray quotes, making notes as I go. This chapter will be such a pleasure to write! The indigo and violet rays are all about faith, hope, focused desire, sacred sexuality and living in the spirit. The challenge will be to cover them well without going into too much detail. I will have a whole book to do that with, as I am planning a three-book series. This book is “the bullet”. 102 will cover the lower chakra issues like sex, family and work and 103 will cover the higher chakra issues like meditation, journaling, dream work and prayer.

In the edges of the day I did some e-mail.
• I noticed that Mick’s "Democracy Now" T-shirt had holes in it and wrote to ask that fine organization for another one. We are regular monthly donators, and deserve a T-shirt now and then! And Mick’s a walking advertisement, wearing them as he mows.
• I wrote Dianne S, working on finding a good date for lunch.
• I wrote Carmen T inviting her out for a treat on or around her birthday, which is October 17th. Mick told me, or I would never have remembered! I am atrociously bad at remembering dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
• I wrote Pupie to express my deep enjoyment of her beautiful stained glass piece. Jim hung it over the weekend and it is just stunning in my bower office with the morning sun shining through it. It enhances the whole feel of the room.
• I wrote Elihu to thank him for sending me that dandy article on Columbus Day and told him I used it immediately.

Bath time came all too soon! We had a very quiet and relaxed evening. Jim offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation and we said good night at 11 PM.