Saturday, October 13, 2007


It was a spectacularly lovely Friday! After Morning Offering Mick and Gary worked at their long jobs of mowing and crunching leaves, then Mick came home and did his weekly maintenance on the mowers before loading up his trailer with a huge stack of firewood which Melissa can chop to stove length and store at her leisure. Mick has enough seasoned wood already stacked at Avalon to last her for this winter.

I spent the morning writing my comments to include in the Light/Lines Newsletter for Fall, 2007. After lunch, I came back upstairs to read through the session Mick chose for this issue and found that the edited session had disappeared. After an hour spent fruitlessly trying to find my editing job from yesterday, I gave up and did it again. I got the session and the comments off to our web guy to publish by quitting time.

In the cracks, I did some e-mail:

• I wrote Steve T and his wife, Sara, offering sympathy for Sara’s loss of her second parent in six months. That is a very rough thing to experience!
• I OK’d B4’s getting server time from a server we pay, as opposed to having a volunteer give us server space, since the volunteer won’t be able to do this after all. This is actually good news, since we have been waiting a month and more for this volunteer to follow through with the CSR protocol. Now our secure site and on-line store will be up shortly!
• I wrote Gary, giving him a heads-up on the Gatherings Newsletter, which I will be working on next week.
• I sent Carol C Romi’s contact info. He is the Board member in charge of looking for grant funding and Carol has much experience in that area.
• I wrote to thank for refunding the purchase price of my birthday blouse. Now that is generous, as they never received it when I sent it back for an exchange. I can recommend this company to anyone for the excellent customer service.
• I wrote Dianne S. to thank her for our great lunch together and also for a very uplifting e-mail message she had sent.
• I wrote Daphne K to thank her for her kind comments about my Columbus Day article.
• I responded to Gerri G’s good letter in which she asked for permission to discuss some things with me.
• I thanked Gary for forwarding to me two e-mail letters from Micheline, who is presently translating TLOO into French. It turns out she, too, loves to sing sacred choral music, so we have that in common, as well as our mutual love for TLOO.
• I wrote Aaron T to thank her for sending me lots of good information about getting our books into Borders Book Stores.
• I thanked Janet C for her very kind words about the Columbus Day column.
• I asked Lindy T how Dick and Greta S were doing, as she has just talked with Greta. Dick, Greta and Lindy were all part of the mind Link of 1977 at Andrija Puharich’s, in which Don and I took part.
• I thanked Bob for offering to make a run to Avalon next spring with all the lumber he has stored at his house in Ohio, and reminded him to keep all receipts for renting a truck and travel expenses so that we can give him an L/L Research tax donation receipt.
• I thanked Steve M for forwarding me a good article on the “Bagonaut”, who is an activist trying to raise awareness on the issue of using recyclable grocery bags instead of the ecologically disastrous plastic ones.

Mick and I enjoyed a very quiet evening. We offered the Gaia Meditation, which me giving the closing prayer, and watched Forrest Gump until bedtime at midnight. The cats were especially cunning tonight, with Pickwick licking on Chloe and all three cats in our laps constantly.