Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This was a day of teeming, glorious, massive rains. While we watched the incredible fires sweeping through the California coastal area, we at last ended the local draught well and properly.

Mick and I offered Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation as pretty much all of our service for L/L Research today. I did do some e-mail and celebrated the wonderful start to our matching funds campaign for 2008 operating expenses. An extremely lavish donation of $2500.00 has kicked the campaign off wonderfully. And others are joining in. Praise and thanks to all!

I continued to talk with our archive web guy about the embarrassment of riches on site. We have both a Russian translation and a French translation coming in, plus Ian says there is much else which he wishes to do to upgrade the site. We left it that he would create a list of all planned projects on site, and then we would get together by phone and talk through prioritizing them.

I decided that this resting time would be a good opportunity for me to plan Christmas presents. Before I purchased any gifts, I wanted to wrap the good presents I had already collected through the year. At the end of the afternoon, Mick helped me by doing some wrapping as I sat beside him and noted to whom each gift was to be given. It’s good to get a start on that.

I also started a letter to Papa, who I fear may be in the way of these fires out in California. Gary was kind enough to create a CD for me of my UPI articles, channeling and journal entries since my last letter to him so I can send that to him as a way of keeping in touch. Papa does not have the use of the Internet, as the secret service of our country makes it impossible for him. He is on one of those really toxic "lists" and has had attempts on his life. So he keeps a low profile.

Carmen brought me some of her homemade Mexican chicken soup to help me heal, a very kind gesture and good soup!

Mick was able to sneak in one job in a lull in the rains, removing a decorative fish pond for a customer. Other than that, he was rained out. However as always he was a busy bee, working at maintenance and acquiring supplies for jobs coming up as well as a missing set of nuts and bolts for the mulching plate on his smaller mower. He has now planted almost the entire yard in tulips and says when he's planted the ones he got today, he will be almost finished. I look forward to seeing that beauty next spring!

When he came home we bathed and then enjoyed the food which Mick brought back from the annual “Anchor Fest” fall celebration, so we could keep the tradition going even though I am house bound right now. After we enjoyed our bratwurst, beans, slaw and brownies, we had a lovely date and rested in the afterglow until 8 PM, when we had arranged a visit with Romi. He came bearing wine and Mick set out some cheese. We enjoyed conversation and then an episode of “House”. We said good night to Romi at 10 PM and went to bed thereafter.

My earache and low fever continues, and my medicine has run out. I shall need to call the doctor again in the morning. If the practice does not respond then, I shall need to make another appointment, which I hate to do, since Mick does not want me to drive while feeling poorly. That means I would have to hitch a ride and take up his time, which I am loath to do. I hope they can just extend my prescriptions.