Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It rained almost the whole afternoon and evening, a blessed respite from draught and a creator of subtle beauty as the dimness of the outdoors offered a sweet contrast to the golden glow of our lamps.

We offered the Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation as always. I continued with the personal prayer time and writing in the Holly Journal. It feels as though it is a very good discipline. It does still feel like a discipline. I would like to get to the place where I begin to want that time with Holly. The results are certainly sweet. I was floating on love by the end.

Other than writing in the Camelot Journal, I naturally did very little, as I am resting faithfully. My sleep was terribly disturbed. I never shut my eyes until 5 AM, but did then get a couple of hours of rest. My body is going through stomach flu and I was in the bathroom about every 15 to 30 minutes all night. So my consciousness was muzzy all day. However, I was wakeful.

My heart was at peace today, content to offer the resting. That is a good change indeed.

Ian called just to check in. It is always such a blessing to share energy with him. I was trying to recall just how long ago I got his proposal about putting up a web site for us. Perhaps it was around 1991 or so. In that time, our site has burgeoned and is still growing at a rate I would never have imagined.

Our latest new departure has been the translations of the Law of One information which have begun to come in. Terry H’s Chinese translation is up. We have people working on a French translation and a Russian translation. I am surprised that there is not yet a Spanish-speaking one, since our country is rich in Hispanic people but that is how Spirit works. Not by straight roads. Not logically.

Mick got rained out in the afternoon, but had hustled and gotten his mowing done. He had maintenance chores to do, and went to the nursery for more tulips for our yard and grass seed for a customer. Our tulips are Mick’s best advertisement for Jim’s Lawn Service. People simply marvel at the beauty each spring and his gardens here are appreciated greatly by the people around us. As well, of course, as by us!! I look forward to the best spring ever, as Mick is planting tulips in the back garden as well as the side garden. In past years we have concentrated solely on the front garden.

We spent a quiet evening watching Monday’s block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes and took our beds early.