Saturday, October 20, 2007


What a day! Again, for the fourth night in a row, I had not slept except in half-hour patches. To boot, I had developed an ear infection, in addition to the bronchitis, as well as a case of stomach flu, so it was back to the doctor today after Morning Offering to investigate whether there might be some help from that direction in removing the three ice picks which had inserted themselves into my right ear, eye and throat and, in general, calming the storm which had overtaken my body. Hopefully the medications offered me, which I began taking this afternoon, will tame the body drama.

I received strict instruction to rest – not absolute bed rest, but couch-potato rest – until NEXT FRIDAY. My toddler within, already having a conniption about missing my work, my beloved work, moved itself from the depths of my being to the immediate surface and threatened to take over my personality. I have spent much time in prayer today. Holly, as always, is very helpful, but I have more praying and processing to do. Fortunately I shall have the time to do it!

It is funny how we react to catalyst. The ear-ache gives me the sound of my pulse in my right ear, a whup-whup-whup that sounds just like a helicopter rotor going around. I notice it with far more aggravation than it warrants, whereas I am more stoic about the general body schmear. I’m encouraging myself to think of it as a friend keeping me company while I rest and recuperate.

I and my helicopter greeted Melissa, in from Avalon, at the evening and we watched “The Firm” on the tube, offered the Gaia Meditation and sought our beds thereafter.