Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The complexion of the world changes a bit when one is thoroughly under the weather, as I am today. There is a pleasant haze over everything and the world seems fluid. As well, when I can hear my own pulse – because my ears are closed shut with swelling – I am ever more aware of my vibrant life and its output of energy. These are the more interesting up-sides of an otherwise somewhat dismal case of bronchitis.

I cancelled my UPI column for this week and choir practice for tonight and tried to cancel my counseling session with Shelly H for tomorrow, but for some reason my e-mail would not send to her. I shall need to let her know when she calls tomorrow of my indisposition. I feel badly about that. Yet to counsel while feeling this way is not a professional thing to do, as I am somewhat un-brained and not my usual alert self.

I went to the doctor this afternoon and he pronounced the diagnosis of bronchitis, which sounds better than the “choir bug” which I had been calling it! Other than canceling everything on my schedule for the next week, which is what the doctor suggests is the length of time I need to rest, I did nothing useful whatsoever except maintain a sincerely felt and stout cheerfulness, knowing that this is my best "being" gift to the world when ‘doing” is out of the question.

Although I got no sleep last night, I did nap off and on all day and caught up quite a bit.

The only TV Mick and I watched this evening was Democracy Now. Yoko Ono was interviewed about her work for peace, global warming and “green” consciousness. I never can figure out why celebrities affect dark glasses when conversing with an interviewer. It’s distracting. Yoko’s specs were clearly just for show, as they were half-glasses over which she peered rather like a little vole looking over the rim of a teacup.

I also noted that Amy Goodman continues to have no expression on the right side of her face. That side of her lips does not move, although she is able to speak quite clearly, thank heaven. Boy, would I hate to lose her voice, upon which I depend for the most clear daily news around. I have seen no notice of what condition has affected her face. My first guess would be Bell’s Palsy, which my brother, Jim, has. It has improved markedly through the years, although he still smiles crookedly. I hope Amy is able to recover as well.

Mick and I offered the Gaia Meditation and sought our beds early, delighting in our repaired upstairs TV, which allows us to wind down to sleep without my having to get up at bedtime. It is a far more organic pattern for us and we are most grateful.