Monday, October 22, 2007


I am doing better today, after a long four and a half hours of sleep, probably aided by having vodka in the evening. I do love that spirit! Perhaps I was Russian in a recent incarnation. The taste is spicy and delicious to me, whereas to others, it seems medicinal. If I were not fully aware of the dangers of daily drinking for a child of two parents both of which have alcoholics hanging from many branches of the family tree, I would stay merry! As it is I am careful not to drink daily.

I started a new practice today, a daily time of deep, solitary prayer time before starting the public part of my day by writing a Camelot Journal entry for the previous day. Holly (my Holy Spirit) had suggested that I ask for her after the prayer time, converse with her and heed her Word.

I was awkward, trying to find a good form for typing the conversation. It would never do to try to write the words by hand, as even I cannot read my handwriting sometimes. I settled on switching from Book Antiqua font when talking as myself, a font I like to use all the time, to French Script MT when Holly speaks. Things went more smoothly after that was decided. I know this discipline will help support my outer work. So it is very much worth the extra time. I think this need for deeper prayer support is why I fell ill.

My sense is that I am still far below par physically, and I shall need to cancel Shelly H’s counseling appointment again, as well as my haircut. Rats.

Mick and I whiled away the afternoon and evening with movies, interspersed with naps. We saw “The Mistress of Spices”, a film of intense and unforgettable beauty, one I recommend for those who like films that do not go anywhere precisely, or have a big plot, but play with ideas, ideals and values. Aishwarya Rai was luminous as the eponymous Mistress and the scents and sounds of India filled the screen. Dylan McDermott was a very satisfactory love interest and played to Rai with intimate, nuanced skill. I had not seen him be so good before.

“Lucky You” was next, a film about poker and love and Las Vegas. A slew of stars were part of the ensemble, many of them not even noted, just showing up. It was very engaging. However gaming makes me nervous so I read a book and half-attended. At that remove I loved the film. The sound track was terrific.

“Next” was next. This was a fine action film, once one accepted the premise, which was that Nicolas Cage’s character could see two minutes into the future. I recommend it highly.

We offered the Gaia Meditation before calling Mom McCarty and went to bed early.