Monday, October 29, 2007


Since I remained at home today, it was a very quiet Sunday for me. My only church was my prayer time with Holly, which was very invigorating and empowering.

After Mick cleaned the house and got it sparkling, we watched three films. First we saw Sally Fields and a good ensemble cast in “Two Weeks”, a sort of half-made, rumpled movie about a Mom dying of cancer and the relationships of the four children involved. Fields was excellent; the screenplay less so.

Next was Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni in “You Kill Me”, a po-faced farce in which an alcoholic hit man goes into AA and becomes sober again so that he can kill his victims on time. This one was slight, cute and quirky.

Finally, we took in Angelina Jolie as Daniel Pearl’s wife in the true story of his assassination by those in the Middle East who believed he was a spy for the CIA. It was a study in utter chaos, which I gather is quite true of the Middle East. It is a tragic story indeed and Jolie did a good job with her role, as did a large ensemble whose faces and names I kept forgetting in the hubbub of the constant action – telephone calls, e-mail, meetings, and street scenes, all in a whirl. I never got it all straight!

It was a good movie day in that we watched all three movies all the way through, and a lesser day in that I fell in love with none of the films.

My temperature edged up today, still low but nearing 100 F. Unfortunately, all the medicine I am taking notwithstanding, I am not getting better. My inner work is on remaining confident and peaceful, knowing that all is well. I was in prayer a good bit today, moving into that place of surety. It is so important to me to be true to my core, essential self at a time when the outer skin of self seems rubbed raw.

Mick was a total delight today, making me laugh, bringing me ice cream and wrapping all the rest of the gifts I have collected so far for Christmas. What a guy!