Sunday, October 28, 2007


The sunlight came back today more strongly and the temperature continues to be moderate. Perhaps the incredible heat wave of 2007 has drawn to a close at last. You can read the weather in the leaves, which are still green, for the most part. Usually we are bare of branch by this late in October.

An overnight low temperature close to frost is predicted for tonight, so after Morning Offering Mick brought in all our house plants from their summer vacation outdoors. The mother-in-laws-tongue which lives in my office came in with a sweet pink spray of volunteer impatiens to enhance the pot. They feel very vibrant and happy.

I tried to work this morning, but my head is so muzzy that it was a lost cause. So I relaxed into healing and resting mode for another two days – we always have Sundays off now after cleaning the house/church – and will hope to be more the thing by Monday. Here’s hoping.

Mick went to St. Luke’s and mowed when he discovered that there was to be a big celebration there last night. They are so lucky to have him! Most lawn services would keep strictly to the schedule and not worry about how the church looks for special occasions, but Mick gave up his personal time to see to the place.

Carmen and Romi came over for the meditation meeting. We had a good talk around the circle and then a channeling. The question tonight was from me. I thought it would be good to ask the Q’uo group if they had any spiritual principles to share concerning the subject of Chapter 9 of 101, the indigo and violet rays, which I will be writing as soon as I am half better. I look forward to reading the session when it is transcribed.

Romi is having a hard time getting the webcasts for our private chat room working, and I suggested that he let that go. Now that BBS Radio is broadcasting the sessions – and in fact twice, 12 hours or so apart, so people all over the world can hear them – I think the private webcasts are redundant. He was very happy to agree.

We ended the day watching the Red Sox win yet again over the Rockies, and this time in Denver. It does not look good for the Rockies in this World Series. And that in spite of their having such great uniforms!

Romi left right after the meditation and Carmen stayed with us until we all began nodding off, around 11 PM.