Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My second day of attempting to work again was moderately successful, a far cry better than yesterday’s total failure. Still feeling distinctly un-brained, I decided to do a bit of Christmas ordering and tackle e-mail after Morning Offering. So while Mick left to mow all day, I found just the final gift for Mick and ordered it on-line.

Then I worked with e-mail which had mounted up during my resting time. Here’s the list:

• I arranged with Dianne S to lunch with her at the Crestwood Women’s Club on November 14th.
• I let our web guy know that Blitzprint had indeed given us the refund they promised.
• I sent Steve E some statistics on our archive web site’s use which I thought might be helpful in determining what kind of forums/chat rooms to offer seekers on B4. By far the most “hits” go to the transcripts.
• I thanked Lance W. for a particularly thoughtful essay on staying in one’s integrity and living in oneness.
• I sent Steve E, who is in the process of creating the look of our activist web site, www.bring4th.org, an image which Hanasura made for me. It is, as are all of her wonderful images, empowering and enlivening to the spirit within. I hope he can use it. I also suggested to him that he look at all of her work, for the same purpose of finding good images for the B4 site.
• I wrote Hana to thank her for the image and to celebrate with her as she retires and is now able to devote herself to creative writing as well as artistry.
• I let Gary know that I found our regular bank’s e-service to be more expensive and less good than the service which Steve E. has already found and encouraged the use of Steve’s service for our site.
• I sent seven letters of thanks and appreciation to people who wrote in after my Columbus Day UPI article was sent around and sent them to Gary to send from his e-address. I need to keep this address up here to myself, so that my Inbox does not look like Gary’s!
• I thanked Barbara B for sharing with me a “fan letter” about the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. The dialogue sessions are not in book form yet, but the reader had found them on our site in their individual session format.
• I had sent an angel to Michelle M’s cat, Metta, at her request, and wrote to say “Hooray” to Michelle’s report that Metta was doing far better!
• I wrote Romi to ask him to help me download a piece of software which translates 2007 Word documents into a language which 2003 Word can read. I also asked him if he had ordered 2007 Word for us, as he had mentioned that he might.
• I OK’d Romi’s intention to halt the chat-room webcasting of our sessions after Christmas. Now that BBS Radio broadcasts them, our own little webcast is redundant. Romi will continue to record our sessions and send them to BBS but will not broadcast them in a private chat room as we had been doing. This will free him up to work on our computer maintenance and to improve our system. He wants to create a separate back-up drive which is not on our computers at all but is an external drive.
• I let Steve E. know that Gary had come up and asked me a slew of questions which are going to the e-bank which is hooking up with our L/L Research bank account and with our on-line secure-site store. Steve says once these details are plugged in, we should have the store up within the week!
• I responded to Steve’s question about whether we might want to use his e-service for all of our merchant service needs. I asked for details of how their e-service for in-home use would work. We often take charge cards here at the in-home office, on orders which come in from mail and telephone calls as well as faxes.
• I responded to an invitation from Wynn F. to co-host a conference-call talk show on BBS with a series of questions and considerations. It seems doubtful to me that an association with him will work for me, as his approach to channeling is casual and he actually says he channels Ra, which is patently ridiculous, since the Ra group themselves gave their parameters for channeling and he does not in any way meet them. I doubt that I can stay within my integrity and co-host with him. But I wanted to be fair, so have engaged in a dialogue.

Late in the afternoon I went through my records and made a list of all the items to include in the Gatherings Newsletter and sent it to Gary to check. I am shaky here, not having been engaged with the business of L/L Research for two weeks of illness, so before I try to write the newsletter, I want to be sure that I include everything that’s been sent in.

Lastly, I set up the database for using quotes in Chapter 9 of 101. I will start sorting the quotes into this database tomorrow, the Lord willing.

All in all, it was a fair day at work, and I felt the better for being able to re-engage. I still have the symptoms that have felled me previously, but am becoming more able to work around them. I am in hopes that the doctor’s appointment Thursday will help me become physically sound again.

Our redbud leaves are bright red now, and the surrounding foliage is still green, with some yellow leaves mixed in, as our late, late leaf-fall begins. Pupie’s stained glass piece, which hangs in the office window, has a clear inner part, the body of the central figure, and the vision of the leaves through the clear glass, with Pu’s beautiful stained-glass flowers all around, is just breath-taking. My heart just soared looking at it today.

This evening was enhanced by a wonderfully sweet date with my Mick, a lover as priestly and beautiful as he is just plain sexy. i felt wrapped in love, cherished and beautiful, and so did he. we prayed for a while in the afterglow, giving thanks.

Mick offered the prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation and we went to bed early.