Tuesday, November 06, 2007


After Morning Offering Mick sailed off into a very full mowing and gardening day. I came upstairs and worked, slowly and with frequent pauses, but far more successfully than for the last few days.

I wrote my editor at UPI to give hr a progress report. I imagine it will take me a couple more weeks to feel mentally competent enough to write my column again, though of course I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

George K had written to offer a reader review of A Book of Days and that gave me the idea to create a reader review section on our upcoming B4 order form so that other readers as well can review all of our books, as they wish. I shared that with Gary and Steve E.

Gary and I went through the last of the hoops needed to get that secure-site online store working. The merchant service we have chosen to be our on-line bank needed documents – a cancelled check; our credit card information – and signatures from Jim and me. We got that accomplished and now nothing stands in the way of launching the very first feature of the B4 site! I am excited! Now that we have severed our ties to amazon.com and other vendors of our books, we need that secure site for people to be able to click their way through a credit card order with the same ease that amazon.com offers.

I also wrote Wynn F, who had invited me to co-host an inspirational radio show with him. I found, when I sensed into how I could truly link with him, that our ways are too far apart for me to feel safe and comfortable collaborating with him. It seems a pity, since we both love The Law of One and we are good friends, but there it is. I need to stay within my integrity.

And I did some on-line shopping, both for Christmas and for Melissa’s farm needs. I found a very nice present which I ordered for four gentlemen, who are far harder to find thoughtful gifts for than women – a real coup! And I found Melissa a bio-dynamic lunar calendar for 2008 as well as a book on raising llamas and an on-line newsletter on raising alpacas. And I printed out for her a 25-page directory of sources for things like bio-dynamic feed and other farm needs.

In the afternoon I worked for a while on Chapter 9 of 101 for the first time in a long time. It felt good, but I could only work so long before taking a break from the intensity of focus. By nightfall, when weary Mick at last came home, I was as weary as he.

Poor Mick! In addition to a very full schedule, including cutting up two felled trees of considerable size for a customer, he found that a lawn he had been sure would NOT need mowing DID – another two-hour job! He really hustled! And got everything done, by golly. What a guy!

We enjoyed a sweet lovemaking after our bath and had a quiet evening, offering the Gaia Meditation together with Gary. I prayed at the end tonight.