Monday, November 05, 2007


I felt far less uncomfortable today, although both eyes were still painful and the left one was swollen half shut, still. I stayed home from church and rested.

It was a lovely Sunday off for Mick and me. After Mick had the house shining, we settled in to our three movies over lunch. Our first treat was a slight but amusing film by Jackie Chan called “The Myth”. Only watch this one if you are a Chan fan! The subtitles are pervasive and the plot negligible. Chan’s personality. acrobatics and martial arts skills always tickle me, so I enjoyed it. The conventions of Asian films are different than American films and I found it ludicrous that a princess in peril could not jump to safety instead of waiting endlessly for someone to save her! Oh well. To each his own.

“The Hoax” was up next. Richard Gere was engaging as a rascal of a writer who decided to create an “authorized biography” of Howard Hughes. I ceased watching the action about halfway through and escaped to doing a puzzle while the rest of the movie ran. I was thoroughly uncomfortable with the constant lying necessary to the true story. What possesses people to create a Big Lie? It happens often enough! Again, to each his own!

Our third film was “Rain”, a sweet story of a young woman raised in the slums but Cinderella’d away to a performing arts school by her grandmother’s largesse. Faye Dunaway was terrific as the grandmother and Brooklyn Sudano did a fine job with her leading role as the talented teenager at risk. Khandi Alexander also shone as Rain’s foster mother. I could not discover the name of the actor who played the villain of the piece, but he tore up that role with capped teeth and an air of utter menace, whoever he was!

Our quiet pursuit of filmdom had taken Mick and me through supper, so we offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and then called Mom McCarty before coming to the upstairs office for an interview with James Arthur Jancik of “Feet to the Fire”. It was a two-hour conversation and I think it went well enough. Jancik had listened to most of The Law of One via a reading program and was quite familiar with the material, which helped so very much!