Sunday, November 04, 2007


Today was a bit tough for me, as another wave of illness hit me during Morning Offering. My left eye rapidly swelled almost shut and was very painful all day, while my left-side sinuses ran and ran and i had a fierce headache. It's odd because it's my right side - ear, neck and eye - that has been the "bad" one, and remains so. I suppose this is the natural path of this illness. I shall be very glad when the healing process progresses more.

I was uncomfortable enough that I hoped to sleep the day away, but the eye hurt worse when it was closed than when it was open, so I stayed awake instead and whiled away my time pleasantly enough, distracting myself with reading and puzzles and watching football with Mick. Mick said he really enjoyed seeing Navy beat Notre Dame for the first time in 43 years. His own team, Nebraska, racked up 37 points only to lose by the widest margin ever.

Mick’s attitude towards watching football games has changed a lot since the days of Nebraska supremacy. Now he watches whichever game is proving to be a good one, which seems to me to be more balanced. I always enjoy watching with him as he so loves the game, but it is more fun these days, with his intensity level down a bit over whether Nebraska wins or not.

Mick planted another round of tulips in the back yard and now says there is just one more place he wants to plant and our whole yard will be alive with tulips next spring. They are so lovely! It is a wonderful thing to which to look forward.

Carmen came for our study and meditation meeting – Romi is visiting his brother this weekend and they are going fishing – and we had a very sweet silent meditation together with Mick after talking around the circle. Carmen and Gary are the only two people I know with whom I can hang by reading together, as both of them also enjoy reading. So while Mick did all manner of chores after the meditation, Carmen and I read happily, she in her book and I in mine.