Friday, November 09, 2007


This was quite an alternative day for me. Not for Mick – after Morning Offering he went, as is his usual wont, to mow, clear, and otherwise garden with the devas and nature spirits. I am very lucky in his type of work. He seldom leaves the neighborhood. I may not see him all day, but he is near at hand and that warms my heart.

I called Carmen after Morning Offering to discover whether she would be interested in helping me by wrapping Christmas gifts for me today. She agreed, and I offered her some lunch out at Ruby Tuesday’s for a thank you treat. By the time she came, I had found boxes for all the gifts that were not so kind as to be rectangular in shape.

And after our delicious meal and a good conversation together, Carmen wrapped every single one! What a blessing. It is so good to be caught up with this process. There are still gifts coming in the mail which will need wrapping, and I still have gifts to find for three children in my family, my brothers’ kids. But that is all! I am close to being through with that endeavor. Having this done ahead of Christmastide makes the blessed holiday far more enjoyable. I can have a holy Christmas rather than bouncing around at the last minute finding gifts!

I got a manicure and pedicure during the afternoon, my monthly treat. It’s good to be groomed once again!

The only L/L Research business I did today was to encourage Gary to follow up on a suggestion which David W. had given Gary last time they talked. David had recently been interviewed by Project Camelot and thought I would be a good candidate for the same group. They are collecting videos of interviews with people who have something to say about 2012. Since we have a good deal of channeled material which deals with this issue, I think I’m a good candidate for their interviewers too.

I also agreed to keep talking to Wynn F. He really wants to collaborate with me. And I thanked him for recommending me as an interview subject for a show called Common Ground, out of Boston.

In the evening Mick watched U of L lose honorably to the Mountaineers while I read and did puzzles. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation. And we had a lovely date.