Thursday, November 08, 2007


This is the 23rd anniversary of Don’s death, and it was most coincidental that this was the day that I received an invitation to speak on channeling ET sources at the 2008 International UFO Congress in February. This channeling effort was Don’s life’s work. The coincidence made the day’s sadness sweeter by far, for it reminds me that I am, indeed, still working for my beloved companion. I am faithful to the task which he and I began. Mick and I carry on. I ended in thankfulness rather than sorrow. I still miss his physical presence keenly.

After Morning Offering Mick went to work and I edited the second session of the seventh weekend of Aaron/Q’uo sessions. It is good to see this project sweeping inexorably towards completion now, after a fifteen-year hiatus in getting it finished. There are only two more weekends’ worth of sessions to edit after this lot.

Before lunch I had a counseling session with Shelly H, a most enjoyable and uplifting conversation with a wonderful soul. It was amazing how the A/Q session I had just edited, as well as my Holly Journal entry for this morning, fit perfectly into our talk. Spirit was truly with us.

In the afternoon I edited the channeling session we had on September 27th, which concerned the indigo and violet rays. It is good material and I will add some of it to my quotes database for this chapter 9, which I am in the midst of creating. It’s excellent timing that it should be transcribed so soon, and I have Gary to thank for that. He did it on his own time, not on the clock. Gary continues to volunteer for L/L Research, which is remarkable, given his busy life and the fact that he is my admin now and much involved with L/L matters. Kudos to the Bean Man!

When Nicole B invited me to speak, she asked if I would produce a blurb for their publicity, and I did that before quitting for the day, sending that and my photo to her. She will pay me an honorarium which hopefully will pay the cost of Jim’s ticket out to Laughlin. They pay all his hotel cost and give him the same packet of tickets to the banquets and so forth that I get as a speaker, but they do not cover his airplane ticket. Nicole also promised to order a hospital bed for me, which was very gracious of her.

I am happy to say that the Frapper map of L/L Research people, which had over 700 people on it at last count, is back! It had disappeared from the site and we are thrilled that they were able to reinstate it with no loss of data. It is wonderful to feel that sense of spiritual community growing.

I offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.