Sunday, November 11, 2007


Keeping to my habit of doing alternative work on Saturdays, after Morning Offering I made a batch of curried egg salad with Melissa’s Avalon eggs while Mick cleaned the kitchen. Then we took a trip down I-64 south to 127 and from there south to Perryville to visit Steve and Roxanne, otherwise known as Smut and Fox, at their farm. It was a lovely drive and a very good visit with old, old friends – Smut and Mick played baseball together in grade school and were on the same sports teams throughout their childhood and high school days in Nebraska, and Smut moved here after visiting Jim on his land in Marion County, Kentucky in the ‘70s and falling in love with this area. They have built their own home and outbuildings on their farm and it is wonderful to behold!

We got back just in time for the regular public study and meditation meeting of L/L Research. It was a small gathering, with Romi and Carmen present. We had a good talk around the circle and then had the channeling, with Romi recording it for BBS and sending it out to the private chat room. He will stop doing the chat room after Christmas, as it keeps fouling up and also as it has become redundant since BBS broadcasts it twice, about a week later than the actual meeting.

After the meeting Mick caught up on the football scene while Carmen and I read. It was a most pleasant evening and the channeling was interesting. The question was about surrender and grace. I look forward to reading it.