Thursday, November 15, 2007


After Morning Offering we went to the funeral for Mac C. It was a long service and we only got out at about 12:30. Fortunately, Mick was able to finish his work for the day anyway!

I worked on the Gatherings Newsletter after lunch, adding the “Who Am I” section, including all the essays I received so far from Homecoming participants. Then I tried to work on Chapter 9 of 101, with indifferent success. Discomfort and muzzy-headedness were most distracting. I’ll hit it again tomorrow! I just know I will have far better results then.

We received the good news that the Camelot Project, an effort to record supposedly knowledgeable people’s views on 2012 and the great shift in consciousness, is interested in interviewing Mick and me. I’m very happy about this. They said they don’t like to interview channels and will be quite confrontational about the channeling, which is good, actually, since it tends to produce a far more interesting interview and line up the information well. I greatly look forward to that.

As a little signal that our Avalon Farm effort is moving along, we received the batch of egg cartons Melissa had ordered for our new chickens’ eggs. She will sell them up near Avalon, she thinks. Now to devise a little label for our cartons!

I prayed at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.