Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We had a good Morning Offering and enjoyed the delightful sound of the rain outside plashing on the roof and off the leaves as we did our readings, song, prayers and meditations. Afterwards, we got the chicken chili and the brownies we had made last night and took them over to Cecil C’s house. She was glad to see the food, as her home was overrun by family coming in for Mac’s funeral. “There’s our lunch!’ she said. They have an extended family of some size, and we offered her our extra bedrooms if she needs them. The funeral is tomorrow.

It was good timing – the rain stopped as soon as we had done our visiting and Jim set out on his mowing day, ready to crunch the leaves which had just been dampened by the rain and made easier to mow down. I spent the morning working on the Gatherings Newsletter, getting it perhaps halfway finished.

In the afternoon I made a beginning on Chapter 9 of 101. I am so glad we had the channeling on the two topmost rays, indigo and violet, last month, because the first quote in the chapter is from that session. It felt great to be writing again, even if I need to go slowly with my head so woozy.

Late in the afternoon I talked with Don N of BBS Radio. He offered our channeling sessions a new time slot, following their most popular talk show host! He also asked if we could produce a show every week instead of every other week. I talked with Gary and, later, with Romi, when the Ro Man visited us, and we came up with a plan for doing just that. I am stoked!

We have long felt the need to get going on making all of our archived audiocassette tapes into CDs. This media transfer project is huge, since we have more than 1500 sessions now, and we really did not know just how to do it – from the beginning onward? From the latest back towards the first? But now we have a good way to do it, as for the BBS show it makes sense to transfer the latest sessions first and work backwards through the years. We need 52 sessions for the year, and I currently produce only 18 sessions, two each month from September through May. So the remainder will be older sessions.

The new time slots are 10 PM on Saturday nights and repeating at 6 AM on Sunday mornings, Pacific Time.

Steve Engratt sent me an image which he proposes to use on B4, and I just loved it. Don Quixote is there, in Picasso’s wonderful drawing, sitting on his horse and looking at the dawning of the new age. It’s a great image! It’s so neat to be this close to launch on!!

Coincidentally, Elihu E had forwarded me something which Frank DeM had sent him, and that gave me the perfect reason to write Frank by return e-mail and let Frank know how the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues editing was coming. Frank has agreed to present the manuscript to Hampton Roads for us when it is finished.

Mick and I had a lovely energy exchange after our bath, the afterglow lighting up my evening, and he offered the closing prayer at the Gaia meditation tonight.