Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am slowly getting used to having our meetings on Saturdays, but it still is novel enough that I forget what’s coming in the evening!

Mick and I usually designate Saturdays for doing chores we do not do during the week, but I wanted to work on my editing, as I suddenly have a backlog of four items to edit – a speech from Mackinac Island and three channeling sessions. I edited about half of the speech, after our Morning Offering.

I took time off in the afternoon to watch a game with Mick – Kentucky was beaten fairly soundly by Georgia – and felt so good, just sitting next to Mick and realizing that these are the good old days! We’re doing good things at our work and are having a wonderful time together. I felt overwhelmed with thankfulness. Life is so very sweet!

Later in the afternoon, I came up to edit some more, but Carmen showed up and offered to help me with whatever I might need, so instead of editing, she and I pulled my summer clothes out of the closet, finally, and got it ready to receive the winter things from the storage area in the basement.

Then we went to the basement gift wrapping area, to the left of the washer and dryer, where Bruce created such a special area for those two things – thanks again, Bruce! – and she and I got all the remaining presents wrapped except for the two which are on order but have not yet come.

Mick and I bathed and then joined Romi and Carmen for a light supper before the meeting. At the meeting we had a good talk around the circle and then a perfectly splendid silent meditation. This is a good group, and I meditate better with them than by myself because of the group energy.

Carmen, Romi and I remained in the living room after the meditation and had a most pleasant conversation while Jim finished the work of moving my winter clothes upstairs and taking the summer things down to basement storage. He discovered that Dan D. Lion had very thoroughly marked the pile of clothes waiting to go downstairs by urinating on it – instinct run amok! So I saw neither hide nor hair of Mick until a good hour later. He was washing everything! It took two loads to clean up the mess. Thank heavens it did not penetrate down to the bedspread of the bed in the guest room, where the clothes were piled.

We have a continuing problem with Dan D., as he stubbornly refuses to learn NOT to do that. He’s marked two guests’ purses, that being the worst of his sins. Now when we have a woman visitor for meditation, I ask her to put her purse in a safe place!