Tuesday, November 20, 2007


After Morning Offering, Mick sailed off under gray but warming skies to a full, full day of crunching and bagging leaves and all manner of other hard yard work while I came upstairs to edit the last session of the seventh weekend of nine of the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. Only two weekend’s worth to go now and Barbara and I will be at the stage of writing our introductory remarks and getting the manuscript put together in Ian’s inimitable fashion! Then it is off to Hampton Roads for consideration.

The rest of the morning was devoted to working out a proposed curriculum for the first Channeling Intensive Gathering next February here at Camelot. Gary wanted that as soon as possible so that he could write up the Gathering with all the details including the curriculum and put it on our home page so that people can begin to register. He is, as always, concerned about how many are coming and wants to get an idea of that as soon as he can. We can hold only so many in our living room, so the seating will be limited to about a dozen. I enjoyed thinking about just how to present the information I want to share. I’ll use parts of the Channeling Handbook as a study guide.

After lunch I worked on Chapter 9 of 101, writing another section and finalizing the first section. It is so good to see this coming along again after being stalled with this illness while I got used to working through my continuing muzzy headedness. This illness is certainly persistent. It has lasted almost two months now and never gotten better yet. My temperature was 100.1 F today, still low but over 100 for the first time. One cannot like that! But faith calls us to trust that all healing will happen in God’s time.

I sent part of the chapter to Romi, my technical advisor, to be sure that an analogy I used between opening the gateway to intelligent infinity in indigo/violet rays and opening a program with the mouse clicking on an icon holds water.

I got word from Chee at cosmiclighthouse.com that they will use my three articles on Indigo Children for their next three issues. I am delighted! I thought those articles were some of my best in 2006. They are quite thoroughly buried on the UPI web site, so very few people other than our “send” group ever read them. Now the IC articles are “out there”! BTW, if you are reading this and you are not on the send list for my UPI articles, just write contact@llresearch.org and Gary will fix you up. That goes for all three of our sends, the Light/Lines Newsletter, the Gatherings Newsletter and the UPI articles.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.