Sunday, November 25, 2007

2007-11-23 and 24

Because I overslept yesterday and then had a very full day, I never did get my Journal entry written, so this entry covers both yesterday and today.

After Morning Offering yesterday, Mick and Gary set out to work in seven yards and bagged and crunched leaves most of the day. Meanwhile I spent the morning creating the Christmas letter to put in with our cards this year, and sent that down to Mick’s computer so he can vet it and hopefully add the things I forgot to mention. I also wrote the letter to my MacDuffie classmates asking them for their updates and got that duplicated. I will write an update letter to my class members around the first of the year.

The rest of the morning and the first part of the afternoon was spent editing the transcript of David G’s special channeling session.

In the afternoon, I did some e-mail, writing Steve E. about B4 web site matters. We’re working to have the best possible image for the site’s home page “splash page”.

I wrote to ask Fr. Joe at St. Luke’s if he would come and give me Holy Eucharist here at Camelot, and hear my Advent confession. He replied very kindly that he would do so sometime next week.

I wrote Nicole B-I of the UFO Congress to ask about my speech's time slot. The old time slot had disappeared, and no new one had showed up. Nicole replied almost immediately, saying that they were redoing the whole schedule and as soon as she has my new time nailed down, she will let me know. When it’s set for sure, I will send an e-mail to all of our L/L Research send lists – the two newsletter lists and the UPI articles list – inviting people to come to the convention, and also to make a donation to our operating funds campaign. We still have a ways to go to secure funding for next year so I can stay out of the downstairs office and keep working up here on creative projects.

And I forwarded Ian’s request to Gary – he wanted to know how to access PayPal for our orders. We only need that link until Steve E. gets B4 launched, with its secure-site store, but meanwhile it is good to know, and I don’t know. But Gary knows. And soon, so will our worthy llresearch webmaster.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon finalizing the section I just wrote and choosing a quotation for the next section in Chapter 9 of 101.

Mick and I had a lovely date, and once again – this happened last Monday as well – I found myself experiencing full-body orgasms on and off for almost an hour after we made love. Sacred sexuality seems to be a thing that grows over time, even if one is getting old! Mick and I are both in our 60s now, yet our lovemaking continues to build in beauty and power. Thank you, Lord!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Today dawned blustery and cold. After Morning Offering I caught up with some personal e-mail and then devoted most of the rest of the morning to a letter to Talitha L, working with thoughts on her issues and sharing from the heart. It became a real blessing to me to share with her, and I felt most uplifted by the correspondence.

Geri and Leonard G arrived just as Mick and I were sitting down to lunch. They had eaten, but took some tea and visited with us while we ate. We got them settled in and then Mick watched football and I came upstairs to go through both address lists for the Christmas cards – the house list, which has all of L/L Research’s people on it as well as JLS customers and friends and family and the MacDuffie list. As always happens in the course of a year, there were additions, subtractions and corrections to make. By the time Mick called bath time, I had finished that most needed chore. We are leaving for Nebraska this next Friday, and by then, we need the mailing labels finalized and printed out.

Romi and Gary joined the G’s and Mick and me for this week’s study and meditation meeting, which included a channeling meditation tonight. Gary asked a series of excellent questions on accessing the gateway to intelligent infinity. I greatly look forward to reading that transcript!

Ro, Gary and I had a conference after the meeting on the question of BBS broadcasts versus webcasting the sessions live. We were responding to Steve E’s desire to keep on with the live webcasts after Romi resigns the work at Christmas. We decided that I would offer to wear a headset and send him the channeling via telephone, if he thought he would like to continue doing the webcasts from his remote location.

Romi and I also set our plans to take the G’s around Louisville tomorrow to familiarize them with the various neighborhoods. They are planning to move to Louisville early next year, after their house sells.