Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Another cold day, close to freezing all day, greeted Mick after Morning Offering as he set out to crunch leaves. He came home unexpectedly around lunch time just to warm up! It was great to see him a little extra time.

I worked with the Christmas letter this morning, giving it a final polish, adding info on what is coming up for us in the New Year, telling about the Channeling Intensive and the speech at the International UFO Congress in February. I also added Gary’s name to Mick’s and mine, after consulting with him to be sure he still wished that. He has spent most of his nights for the last few months at Valerie’s and I did not know if he still considered that he lived here. However, he does.

I was so supremely fortunate! The letter fit on the Christmas paper on the very first try. And then here came Mick, and I got the signatures on the letter too, so it was ready to copy 300 times – the size of our card list always surprises me!

Meanwhile Gary printed out the mailing labels for the L/L and House list and also for the MacDuffie list. So we’re all set to stuff the cards in Nebraska, a chore Mick likes to take with him on Mom’s birthday trip so as to have something to do there.

I had time only to put away a new supply of razor blades that had come in for Jim, taking all the cardboard packaging off and storing them in his little box in the bathroom, before it was time to go to the eye doctor’s. They kept me there forever, it seemed! Dr. Bassett says that she thinks my eyelids are enough blocking my vision that Medicare will pay for “lifting” them and she will make me an appointment to see about that. She said that although I do have mild cataracts, they have not progressed appreciably since last year. She also said my right eye had gotten considerably weaker this year. However the left eye is unchanged. So I will only have to get one lens replaced and can keep my glasses.

She recommended that I get a second pair of glasses just for working on the computer. I told her that I had been taking my glasses off at the computer and only putting them on if I wanted to read something in a book or on a piece of paper and she said that’s the sign that I need special glasses just for working at the computer. So I ordered those too. They should be waiting for me when I get home from this upcoming Nebraska trip.

Romi came over for a visit tonight and we enjoyed an episode of “House” together. Romi offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation. He also, praise the Lord, installed on Jenny Traveller the software which translates Word 2007 into Word 2003. I have recently had to send documents to Ian when people wrote me on Word 2007 computers.