Friday, December 07, 2007


Snow had fallen when we awoke this morning, but Mick reported, when he came back with his donut and newspaper, that it was not more than a dusting and that the roads had remained good. We are thrilled to hear that, as we will take to those roads tomorrow morning and fly away towards home, the good Lord willing!

After Morning Offering, Mick finished up the very last of our Christmas cards. We had to buy more, as we had 25 more address labels than we did cards! It is hard to believe we know 325 people with whom we wish to exchange Christmas greetings, but so it is. I suppose it is the accumulation of so many years, now, with L/L Research especially, but also with more customers for Jim’s Lawn Service and with the addition of my classmates, to whom I sent cards with a request for them to sand me back an update. I hope to write a class update for all of my ’61 classmates around the New Year.

I wrote letters to Lynne R, Aubine K and Al N, which felt great as that means that I have for the moment caught up with my snail mail! Then I got on line and answered a couple of letters from Gary.

We took Mom to the Vet’s Steak House, a modest restaurant located at the Veterans Post, for dinner tonight. It is our last meal together for this trip! It has surely flown by. I offered the prayer after the Gaia Meditation tonight, and then Mick and I packed up what we could. Much will need to be packed tomorrow morning, including my computer and our bath things. With prayers for good weather tomorrow, we went to bed as late as we could, waiting until all of us were drowsing off before saying good night, to stretch our time together to its maximum.