Sunday, December 02, 2007

2007-12-01 and 02

Mick and I got to our destination, The Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel, last night and tucked ourselves in for the night only to find, when we awoke, that the roads between here and Lexington, Nebraska had iced over. We made our Morning Offering and called Mom to let her know we would be delayed. Then we enjoyed a leisure day of naps and reading, movies and naps. It was wonderful! We offered the Gaia Meditation, watched some TV and thankfully sought our beds.

Another night, another dawn, and the situation had only changed for the worse. Light snow was falling over the ice. Even the rest stops had been closed. After Morning Offering we got on the telephone again and shared the bad news, but Mom already knew, as she had also been watching the weather.

So we had another mostly goof-off day, although I did some e-mail, working with Steve E on concepts for the B4 web site and editing another Aaron/Q'uo Dialogue session. I heard from Judy R, the pre-editor for the A/Q Dialogues that we have only five sessions to go in order to finish the manuscript!

I offered the prayer at tonight’s Gaia Meditation and we prayed for a good day for driving west tomorrow!