Friday, December 14, 2007


What a good day this was! I can do nothing about what Holly calls my “present infirmity” but by golly I can work around it!. It was raining when we arose, so after Morning Offering Mick decided to retrieve Steve F’s big Skag mower from Steve’s estate in Shelbyville. There was a big question as to whether the mower, which has a six-foot cut, would fit on Mick’s trailer, which is 6’ 2” across! But it did fit, with an inch to spare on each side! Mick used my car to pull the trailer. It feels so good to help him out. Usually it is the other way around!

Meanwhile I worked to catch up with various details in the morning, knowing my time was too short to get into creative mode. I got a good bit done in the downstairs office to restore it to order after being gone for over a week. The Christmas cards are starting to pile up and I am stacking them until I have a chance to tape them up to the door jambs in the living room and office. I love the festive look of them on display. It is like being surrounded with love. As the Beach Boys sing it so well, it's "good vibrations"!

Dianne came to pick me up at about 11:30 and we had a fine lunch together and got all caught up on girlfriend stuff over burgers at Ruby Tuesday’s. She has now consulted a doctor about her husband’s condition and gotten his medications changed, and the violence he was showing as his mind, overcome by a lifetime of epilepsy, deteriorates, is now under control. Thank God. She is alone with him, and he is larger than she, and stronger. I believe all is well there now, and that eases my mind greatly. She offers a beautiful service to him day after day and year after year, taking care of him like a toddler. Her love for him is wonderful to see and an inspiration to me.

When I got home, I tackled the part of Chapter 9 of 101 where I define the terms ‘discipline of the personality’ and ‘work in consciousness’. it's a delicate matter to do so, and i was blessed that Holly was with me. When Jim called bath time, I had just finished my first read-through after composing and was ready to quit for the day.

My only regret is that there is so much desk work that needs to be done, and so much e-mail that needs to be answered, and I am not getting to it. However my little voice is telling me to progress on this book as fast as possible.

After our bath, Mick and I played in the fields of the Lord, exchanging sexual energy and unconditional love and basking in our afterglow until suppertime. Mick offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.