Tuesday, December 11, 2007


What a gloriously mixed-up day! It was not raining much yet after Morning Offering, so Jim tried to go do some leaf-crunching. However his truck died. He rode his mower home to get me, and together we went over to jump-start his truck. He was headed up to the store to buy a new battery when the truck died again.

He walked home and took my car up to the store to buy the battery, but discussion with the people there made him feel he needed to have the truck looked at. So we jumped the truck again and this time he made it to the store, where they checked him out, replaced his battery and recommended that we take the truck in to the dealer’s, ASAP. Mick made that appointment for day after tomorrow, when it will almost certainly be pouring rain. It is the same weather that still has Missouri, Kansas and Illinois stymied, stuck and out of power. However here the temperature is well above freezing. Praise the Lord!

Mick’s truck is a ’90 model, which he bought new. He has treated it well. However it is running up on 200,000 miles, and is now 17 years old, so we can expect to have to patch things up from time to time!

Speaking of vehicles, we got a call from Steve F today at lunchtime. He will donate his big Skag mower to L/L Research! It is a $10,000.00 machine with a 6-foot cut, perfect for Avalon and to Avalon it shall go! Melissa will enjoy having a good mower there, with all of our pasturage to cut. It is a wonderfully handy donation! Thank you, Steve!

I did manage to work today in the cracks of all the excitement and running around! In the morning I finished another section of Chapter 9 of 101. In the afternoon I edited the first ten pages of Don’s and my interview in 1978 with Bill Tush on “Open Up”.

Mick and I had a lovely energy exchange after our bath and Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.