Thursday, December 13, 2007


Another alternate day developed, as rain swept through the region and Mick needed to get his truck to the dealers’ repair shop. We did that before Morning Offering, almost before first light, dropping the truck off at 7:30 and then coming home in Stanley Outback to make our Morning Offering.

I came upstairs to work, but only had time to do my two journals, the Holly Journal and the Camelot Journal, before it was time to go with Melissa, who had come down from Avalon to do town chores, to do some of those chores. I was able to tell her about Steve F’s donating that great big mower to L/L Research! She will have a relatively easy time of it now during mowing season and be able to care for that all by herself, which is a real boon for us all. We had a good planning session over lunch.

I had an appointment to get my toes cut right after that, something I cannot do for myself any more with my half-numb and arthritic fingers, and Jim dropped me off there and then got a ball to put on my hitch so he could use Stanley for lawn work until his truck is fixed. It turned out to be an expensive repair this time. Something called a field wire had gone bad, and the truck could not hold a charge. It will be close to $1,000.00 to fix this time. That’s high! But I believe it is still cheaper than buying a new truck, and so does Mick. Thank heavens Stanley is such a good little car/truck - it is rated as a truck - as Jim does not have to miss any mowing at all and can go right on working.

I spent the early evening opening a lot of mail that had accumulated during our trip to Nebraska and dealing with that. So I did not get to work on the 101 book today, my only regret about an otherwise very useful day.

Donations are coming in at a gratifying rate for our matching funds campaign! Now that I know for sure when I will be speaking in Laughlin, I will create a letter to our mailing lists informing them of that, inviting them to attend, and also asking for donations to keep us going in 2008. I signed a bunch of tax receipt letters for donors before Mick’s and my bath.

I offered the prayer after the Gaia Meditation tonight.