Sunday, December 16, 2007


This was one of those days that was utterly alternative! I awoke in such dim shape that after Morning Offering I went back to bed. I rested and napped for most of the morning and then got dressed and straightened up in my upstairs office, making a list of the things not associated with creative work which I needed to do.

I had quite a few forms to fill out,for Medicare, for the eye doctor who will look at my droopy eyelids, which are occluding my vision, in January and for the UFO Congress. I tucked those papers in my purse and asked Mick if I could hitch a ride with him when he went down to Steve’s in Shelbyville to deliver the two crates he had spent the morning making for two of Steve’s larger crystals. It was rotten weather out, but a ride sounded good, since I was not feeling well enough to create or edit.

Jim and Gary loaded up his trailer with the boxes and we had an eerily beautiful drive down. Some trees were icing, and it was raining hard the whole way. The temperature was right at 35 F all afternoon. We were receiving that big storm that nearly stranded us in Missouri. It finally got over being stalled there and came gusting and blasting, sleeting, snowing and raining through Kentucky on its way to bedevil New England.

Steve was busily packing up his hundreds of crystals for the move to Colorado. He's already taken one load out there! He is joining his ex-wife and her new mate there, as well as Ruth, whom I met at Steve’s today. She was wrapping and boxing smaller crystals in the kitchen and we had a very enjoyable talk while the Mick and Steve, plus Steve’s brother and another friend, carted the larger crystals from various parts of the mansion out to the garage for loading. While Ruth and I talked, I got my paperwork done.

There are still two crystals which do not have crates, and Mick agreed to build them as well, which is noble of him, considering that he is not a skilled carpenter. On the way back we picked up the wood he will need for that.

We had a channeling meditation tonight. Mick was unable to be with us, as he was working away at the remaining crates and has a deadline to meet. Romi and Carmen joined me for a very nice meeting, a good talk around the circle and then a channeling session answering a question about the Christmas season and the enforced and ritualistic giving if it. I look forward to reading the transcript when I edit it.

Romi and Carmen stayed for a while, drinking Romi’s Love Tea and conversing, until we were all overcome with yawns and said good night.