Thursday, December 27, 2007


‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all in the house slept late and arose glad to see the continuing sunshine! After Morning Offering, Mick went to work at one of his customers'. A tree had fallen and the power company had only taken the tree down to the ground and off the wires. So Mick cut the entire tree up and disposed of it before his lunch! Then he went back to the yard and continued cutting, as the customer had already asked him to hew down a hedge of wild honeysuckle which borders her land to the north. It was a full day for the Mick!

I called Steve T to remind him of the upcoming Annual Meeting of L/L Research on Friday. I shall need to call back tomorrow if he does not return my call, as I need, still, to give him the telephone number for the meeting, which is by telephone. Gary was able to send e-mail to all the other Board Members.

I also called Susanna Angela to set up a date for lunch. She is at home today while Romi works and I thought it would be nice to offer her hospitality. She was delighted to accept, and we had lunch at KT’s, a favorite spot of mine, very nostalgic to me because my parents used to love that place, back when it was a somewhat raffish joint. These days it has been rebuilt and is now far more respectable, but still with good food and good vibes.

I dropped her off at the mall, as she wanted to experience the American Mall, and we certainly have some pips here. I do not frequent them, considering it too expensive. Give me consignment shopping any day! However it did look like fun! The many, many stores were all offering huge after-Christmas sales.

I came home feeling very poorly, but was able to edit two more Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues before bath time. I now have only one session left to edit!!!! What a jolt that is! It is time to compose the Introduction to this book!

I worked on Paul M’s questions for his Q’uo channeling session tomorrow night, tweaking them, and sent them on to Gary to send to Paul. They should make up a good session.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.