Saturday, December 22, 2007


Although the days before Christmas are dwindling down, we had a spring day today, the temperature rising almost to 60 F. and tomorrow; it rises up almost to 70 F! It’s lovely to have the respite from the cold at just the right time for Mick to finish up the most intense of his JLS work and have a day tomorrow to focus on Camelot's Christmas decorations.

After Morning Offering Mick sailed off to bag the last of his customer’s leaves, for a total of 217 bags. And she wants him to come back and get the leaves out of the ground covers next week! In fact, Mick reports that he has 6 jobs stacked up for next week. All of them are lawn maintenance chores unconnected with mowing, of course. He has been most fortunate all year in being able to pay our bills with non-mowing jobs, in a year where excessive draught and heat has slowed the mowing drastically.

I had a counseling session with Paul M, a blessed time of energy exchange between two seeking souls. I believe I was able to share some good resources with Paul. Next week we will have a personal channeling session to follow up on the counseling.

Then I took Gary to lunch at P. J. Chang’s Chinese Bistro – Gary’s choice of places to eat. Mick and I wanted to give him a real treat in thanks for his stellar work all year and he loves to eat out at nice places, so this was his Christmas treat. We also wrote him a little note giving him a much deserved raise. I was fortunate enough to be tagging along and got to enjoy Chang's wonderful food along with Gary! Their garlic noodles were the best! Mick could not be with us as he was bagging leaves and cleaning gutters! So we brought him home a wicked dessert called the Great Wall of Chocolate. Oh my! He will be feasting on that cake for a couple of days!

In the afternoon I vetted the 101, Chapter 9 section on prayer and did a first draft of the section on journaling. This is the penultimate section in this chapter. Then, I have two chapters to go in this project, as I split the present chapter into two, since it was running so long. It feels good to progress on this project!

I heard from the ear specialist who is giving me a break and will arrange an “intervention”, by which he means he will put tubes in my ears in January if on examining me on January 5th, he still finds me stopped up. So far, that is my condition and I am thrilled that he won’t make me wait until February as he originally planned to relieve this uncomfortable condition.

I sent Gary some thoughts for Lorena L, who has done such a wonderful job with the prisoner ministry for L/L Research, on the newsletter she would like to create for the prisoners, so they can talk with each other about spiritual matters. It is difficult to find people to talk to about the Law of One in any environment, including prison. So she is offering a real service.

I encouraged her to go ahead and apply for an ISSN Bowker periodical number that will identify this periodical. We have such a number for Light/Lines and it helps to document our work in this area, for history’s sake. In fact, come to think of it, I really need to get an ISSN number for our Gatherings Newsletter.

I also wrote Steve E an e-letter encouraging him to launch B4 before I give my talk at Laughlin in February, so people at the convention can use our secure-site store if they want to buy our stuff.

Mick has been very amorous lately, a delightful thing for me and a blessing indeed! Praise the Lord! We had a lovely date and then a sweet nap in the afterglow until time for supper and the Gaia Meditation Mick offered the ending prayer tonight.