Thursday, December 20, 2007


We had a pretty, sunny day, a blessing once the weather breaks for winter in Kentucky. I finished editing the November 10th channeling, which was good enough that I printed out a copy for Mick to consider as our next Light/Lines material. Meanwhile Mick continued to bag leaves for his customer with the large, forested yard. I shall have to ask him the total number of bags filled for these people! It has to be huge.

He rounded me up for a trip in to the Dodge repair shop at noon, so that they could re-fix his truck. I came with him because I had the feeling that they would not be able to fix this glitch while Mick waited, and sure enough, they could not. So we had a nice ride home through the incredibly heavy and rather festive holiday traffic around the malls and then Mick used Stanley to go down to Steve F’s once again to help him box things up for moving to Colorado. Mick says that they are close to finished with packing the rented trailer, a 26-foot-long space nearly filled now with crystals! And a few books, Mick said.

Mick will return to Steve’s for the final bit of loading and then they are off and Mick is finally free to do some Christmas decorating for Camelot. I think Steve’s needs have eaten up the time Mick has available for putting lights on the house outside, but hopefully he can still manage getting a tree up inside!

I spent my afternoon working on Chapter 9 of 101, vetting the section on prayer and then focusing on the fact that I need to change the shape of my outline to match my plans to make two chapters out of one. It’s just a long, long chapter if I don’t! It stands now at 24 pages in manuscript, and I still have two sections to go before I can break the chapter.

I got my outline changed and began looking for a good quote to open the section on journaling, a very good technique for working in consciousness. I interrupted myself to write a fax to Dr. Brown letting him know that the prescriptions he had given me for my earache were not working, and I was stopping them.

Then I realized that if we wanted to get the winter issue of Light/Lines out in 2007, I needed to get the re-massaged final edit of the November 10th channeling to Ian, along with my notes for that issue. So I ended the afternoon’s work with that blessed chore.

After our bath, Mick’s interests became delightfully amorous, and he and I romped in the fields of the Lord, sharing much good energy and then resting together until dinnertime.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.