Sunday, December 23, 2007


Happy Winter Solstice! And almost, happy full moon! It was a banner day today, the warmth of a 70-degree day fueling the good cheer of the season. After Morning Offering, Mick and I cooked some side dishes for Romi’s sausages – stuffed eggs, baked beans, slaw and potato salad, the eternal picnic favorites. Then Mick cleaned the kitchen.

I had a Christmas manicure scheduled right after lunch, and had the best fun getting my nails all gussied up for the holidays with a pretty green nail color overlaid with little heart and flower decals in red.

When I returned, Mick was working on the Christmas tree and soon had it up, while I hung all of our Christmas cards on jambs and overheads in all our doorways inside. We paused for a bath and then welcomed Romi and Carmen for our winter solstice party.

The wood was so wet from all the recent rain that we could not light a bonfire, so we lit a kerosene lantern after we had eaten all our wonderful food, and did our winter solstice ritual, “This is the night, the longest night, the longest night of the year. What shall we give to the night?” We gave the night all manner of woes like hunger, anger, war, judgment, jealousy, politicians and bad hair days!

Then we had our regular meditation meeting, talking around the circle and enjoying a lovely silent meditation together. What a treat! We ended by saying “Peace” to each other in a mutual Gaia Meditation prayer, as it was just 9 PM when we finished.

Romi made some love tea and we enjoyed conversation until we began nodding off!