Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas Day! What a marvelous thing to experience! This year's celebration was spent at home and felt so very good. Mick and I made our Morning Offering and greeted Melissa, had stayed with us overnight. We opened our presents amongst the three of us and then finished the cooking for our feast, Mick and I putting together the Hot Brown stacks and getting them all ready to bake while Mel made onion dip to have with chips, and cut up crudités to go with the ranch dressing dip she made.

Just as we finished our preparations, Eric S and his mother, Phyllis, arrived, followed soon by Carmen, Romi and his guest from Italy, Susanna Angela. We had wine and most enjoyable conversation before turning again to opening the presents amongst us all.

Our feast soon followed! Yum! We ate until we could eat no more, stretched a bit and then turned to playing a game of “Farm-opoly” which Mel had given Mick and me. It is the board game, Monopoly, with everything renamed to sound down-homey. It was silly but fun.

The whole day had a lovely glow to it, and we were sorry to see the event end, but a day can only last so long! So we bade farewell to our guests and offered the Gaia Meditation all by ourselves, with me praying at the end.