Friday, December 28, 2007


A day of dramatic skies and sometime sunshine greeted Mick and me at Morning Offering. I spent my morning accessing reports on L/L Research from QuickBooks and figuring out how to e-mail them to my computer upstairs, and then coming up to work on the agenda. I got it organized and typed out, and sent it to Gary to send on to everyone on the Board, in preparation for the Annual Board Meeting tomorrow evening. Gary is being most helpful, continuing to work on the Annual Meeting with me even though he is on vacation visiting his folks in Ohio.

Mick lost his specs, probably having them swiped off yesterday by a vagrant branch while he was taking down a customer’s wild honeysuckle hedge. So we went to the ophthalmologist to get his eyes checked and order new glasses. I drove him, as the drops they give you there to see your eyes better render everything hazy and glare-y afterwards, and it is no fun driving like that! We had a nice lunch at Frisch’s, home of a very good burger rather salaciously titled a “Big Boy”, which is situated close by there. Frisch's also has excellent cole slaw, the only raw food I can eat. Yum!

My afternoon was spent batting away at details which have overwhelmed my office. By bath time, I had chewed my way through the worst of it. I got Paul M’s latest set of questions for tonight’s session typed up and placed by Mick’s chair, as he will be asking the questions. I got a new version of my prescriptions list made – Nurse Ecklund had made several changes in my IC medication when I visited the Hibbard Clinic and I need to keep current with that. I collected a low-calorie, fairly easy recipe for chicken lo mein. I worked on the packet for the UFO Congress, getting materials for them together. I compiled my list of people whom I owe thank-you notes for Christmas gifts.

And I wrote Ian J and Romi V to thank them for a magnificent surprise. Ian, our web guy, had produced a compilation of the first 25 years of issues of Light/Lines, L/L Research’s newsletter. The 104 issues cover 1982 to 2007! They propose our publishing it in very limited quantities, waiting for orders to come in to order them from It makes a handsome book, quite large and heavy, actually, but quite easy to read.

It presented me with a dilemma, for after I finish editing this last A/Q session, I had promised Ro to work on Dana Redfield’s beautiful little book, The Alphabet Mosaics. So I asked him to choose whether I should write the introduction to the compilation and get that ready to go first, or whether I should get Dana’s book edited out first. Delicious options!

After our bath, Mick and I ate dinner and then welcomed Romi and Susanna Angela, who had come over to join us for Paul’s personal channeling session. It was a good group and good questions from Paul and we had a lovely session.

Romi made up a batch of Love Tea and shared shortbread and chocolates as well after the session, and we enjoyed conversation until the Gaia Meditation, at which we offered each other the Peace.

After they left, Mick and I celebrated our twinned lives with a marvelously inspiriting energy exchange that left me tingling all night! What a joy to be able to romp in the fields of the Lord at my advanced age! I marvel at my luck!