Sunday, December 30, 2007


We had such a lovely, lazy Saturday! Instead of writing in my Holly Journal and Camelot Journal when I awoke, I went downstairs and bunked in with Mick, and we slept gloriously late! After Morning Offering, Mick went on a marathon round of errands while I came upstairs and wrote the journals which I had put off so we could snuggle, barely getting them done before Mick came home with our treat of fast food – Mexican today.

In the afternoon, while Mick set out to begin the yearly maintenance routine on his three Skag mowers – counting in Steve F’s wonderful donation of the 72”-cut riding mower bound for Avalon in the spring – I worked on Chapter 9 of 101, reading through the section on journaling and finalizing it and then doing a search for quotes on faith for the next and final section of this chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in these thoughts of the nature of faith and look forward to the writing ahead, and to finishing Chapter 9.

After a bath and a light supper, Mick and I welcomed Romi, Susanna Angela and Morris and his son, Wayne, for a channeling meditation. This was our last live broadcast. From now on, the sessions will be available for hearing only on BBS Radio ( They air at 10:00 at night, Pacific Time, on Saturdays and again at 6:00 Sunday mornings, the week after the channeling occurs, and when we do not have a new channeling, an older one is aired.

The question for this session was about slowing down to now and appreciating the present moment. It will be interesting to edit the transcript when it is ready. I can certainly use all the advice which they have to offer on staying in the present moment!

It was such a rare treat to visit with Morris twice in two days, and to meet Wayne for the first time since he was a whippersnapper. He is now grown and full of accomplishments, a doctor with his choice of residencies. They are both beings of beauty and light, and the group at meditation was so powerful that I was wakeful – happily so – until about two in the morning! We enjoyed Romi’s Love Tea and Susanna’s delicious homemade and distinctly different tiramisu along with our conversation afterwards. Truly, it was a day of bountiful blessings!