Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Year! Melissa was already up and drinking her morning coffee when I came downstairs to awaken Mick at our agreed-upon lazy rising time of 8:30. I am usually an early riser, but not this morning, after staying up last night until 2:30! A day of snow squalls greeted us as the thermometer plunged throughout the day, down almost to zero by nightfall. Strong winds blew the real snow north and east of us, thankfully.

After Morning Offering, I worked on the Holly Journal and the Camelot Journal and then started on e-mail again. I took a long lunch to watch some BCS football with Mick and then hit the Inbox again. By the time the evening had arrived I was almost caught up! I still owe John P a letter. Other than that, all my old letters are answered. It’s a fleeting victory, since a dozen or more people have already responded and the Inbox is getting fat again. But at least the letters in it are new.

Mick got the Minutes of our L/L Research Annual Meeting typed up and I edited them and sent them to Gary to send on to our board members. It was so good of Morris to goose us into getting this meeting done!

L/Letters today went out to:

• Melissa B, more information on raising llamas

• Linda P-S, inviting her and her new husband to visit with Jim and me while we are in Laughlin. They live near Reno, not too far away.

• Talitha L, thanking her for her holiday wishes and continuing our conversation

• Mary R, thanking her for her beautiful e-card

• Scott H, thanking him for sharing articles he is writing for the web and for his “best films of 2007” list

• Steve M, thanking him for a good UPI article subject, Phil Hansen (, an artist with a good deal of soul and a fine way with irony as well and also thanking him for a lovely version of the Lord’s Prayer, a new translation from the Aramaic. I will print that below this list and end the journal entry for today with it. it is way too good to keep to myself!

• Judy R, responding to her frightening news that her car tumbled off an icy road near her Virginia home, and exclaiming with joy that she was not hurt at all badly by the roll downhill, just shaken

• Renee C, my UPI editor, giving her an update and asking if she needed my favorite article for 2007, as I had not seen her request when she made it before Christmas.

• Lindy T, thanking her for her good wishes and her photos – Lindy still looks like a kid, at the age of 50! What an enduring and positive light she is!

• Janet I, thanking her for a really cute and very true send-it-on creation talking about true riches

• Julian D, thanking him for his lovely and much appreciated kind words. Jules had sent me a report on an old e-mail which I sent him last summer, letting me know how much it had helped him avoid burn-out. He also quoted back to me some things from recent channelings he loved, which lifted my heart. It is so good to know our work gets out there!

• Dave G, thanking him for his pretty e-card

• Kathy R, thanking her for her Christmas story and sending her a singularly well performed recording of “Bluebird” which I had received from YouTube

• Ian J, talking more about the compilation of Light/Lines newsletters which we intend to make into a limited edition book

Mick and I watched lots of football all evening, stopping only for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.

Gary came home, after his week’s vacation with his family and then a weekend of celebration with his girl, Valerie. He worked at the L/L Research helm until fairly late and promised to be back tomorrow to continue his frontal assault on the bulging Inbox at his desk downstairs. It was super to see him back safe and sound. He let out a howl when he saw that I had sent him over 20 notes while he was gone. I told him it represented the cleaning out of MY Inbox and apologized that so much of it went into HIS!

Here is that beautifully worded prayer:

“O, Birther of the Cosmos, focus your light within us -- make it useful.
Create your reign of unity now.
Your one desire then acts with ours,
As in all light,
So in all forms.
Grant us what we need each day in bread and insight:
Loose the cords of mistakes binding us,
As we release the strands we hold of other's guilt.
Don't let surface things delude us,
But free us from what holds us back.
From you is born all ruling will,
The power and the life to do,
The song that beautifies all.
From age to age it renews.
I affirm this with my whole being.”

(The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus as translated from Aramaic by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz of the Sufi Order of the West. For more from him, go to the site,