Friday, January 04, 2008


Things started thawing out today, although our fish ponds are still frozen on top. It was delightful to see the sun shining brightly again. I understand that north and east of here, there is again much extreme cold and snow. Our January has been terribly cold and now will warm up to 60 degrees by the weekend! Ah, living in Kentucky is wonderful! Blackberry winter already! I love the variety.

After Morning Offering I edited the very last session of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues! Whee! It was a grand feeling to send it off to Barbara Brodsky for her edit on Aaron’s part. Now Judy R can begin her read-through and when I find out what Romi wants me to edit first, The Alphabet Mosaics or the compilation of our newsletters over the last 25 years, I can begin my next project. Meanwhile I have a couple of recent channeling sessions which have been transcribed and are in my Inbox, so I will not lack for good work to do.

I used up my morning hours working with Gary on a couple of issues having to do with our hopefully soon-to-be second web site, B4, with figuring out the time we should make reservations for our closing supper during the Channeling Intensive and with publishing details for the Light/Lines collection. Renee wrote again saying that they would use my “fire the grid” series as “best of 2007” and I thanked her for using that as it was a heartfelt bit of writing. And I wrote Romi, asking him to make that choice of what project I shall edit next.

In the afternoon I worked on the very last section of Chapter 9 of 101, on increasing faith. I was so thankful for the internet, as I was prompted by spirit to look up Tinkerbell, from the story of Peter Pan, and details of mustard seeds. One can prepare some ahead of time, but when creating, there are always surprises, as the work comes through one, not from one. It was a wonderful, yeasty feeling to be back writing.

At the end of the day, I started on my now orderly piles of things to do, giving a half-hour to ordering myself some underwear. The kind of brassiere I like is hard to find, but I found it at the site – a simple top which does nothing to lift, separate or otherwise change my shape, but simply covers me and keeps me from bouncing when I go down stairs. Comfort is all!

Connie M wrote that she is booked for the day next week when I will be across the river in her neck of the Hoosier woods and cannot have lunch with me as we had hoped, and I let her know what my open dates were a week down the road.

Gary found a new telephone answering device for our downstairs office, as our old one has begun to fail. The TAD still works but not the telephone itself. This new model comes with three telephone sets and an intercom system, so now I have a telephone in my bedroom and Mick has one in his, so that if I am in trouble at night I can ring him. I can also bring it in here during the day and use it to talk with Gary in the downstairs office. I think it is a dandy find!! The new phone sets are slender to the point of emaciation, barely there at all!

After our bath, Mick and I had a delightful date and then we gradually got moving again, going downstairs to enjoy more football and a good dinner. I was experiencing a bit of discomfort and was most grateful for a good book and a soft chair!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.