Sunday, January 06, 2008


Generally, I use Saturdays to catch up on non-creative work, but I felt strongly that this was a good day to write. After Morning Offering and over the course of the day I finished the first draft of Chapter 9! It runs 31 pages, so I shall break it up into two chapters before moving on, after one last read-through to be sure I am satisfied with my work. The next chapter will be Chapter 11, which covers the Gateway, its fruits and graduation information. so i am still on the next to last chapter!

I also edited a bit more on Gary’s personal channeling session from last summer, and got about halfway through it.

After Mick and I had a bath and a light supper, we welcomed Susanna and Romi for a silent meditation, which was delightful. Romi made his Love Tea afterwards and we enjoyed conversation until we got sleepy, pausing only for the Gaia Meditation. The prayer tonight at closing was round-robin.

Chloe came back from the animal hospital at dusk, still pretty wiped out but as glad to be home as we were to have her. She was so cute right after she got home! We have a little crafted yardstick holder that hangs at the edge of our kitchen and Chloe will stretch up its length and sharpen her non-existent front claws on it, very slowly, to indicate that she wants to be patted. When she hit the door, she dashed over there and started her sharpening motions in triple-time! We patted her until she was satisfied, then she dashed in to her bowl and ate and then used the litter box, things she had refused to do while away from home.

Welcome home, Inkspot!!!

She will need a nebulizer and they do make kitty nebulizers! I tried to order one from the web, but apparently they do not have an on-line store, so I left a message with the maker, asking them to fill me in on how to order one.