Thursday, January 10, 2008


While I continued to feel far less than well, I was much improved from the disastrous levels of yesterday! I was able to work today, much to my delight. After Morning Offering I started on Chapter 11, preparing the reader for a discussion of the more advanced work in consciousness that this chapter will treat – magic, healing, channeling and sacred sexuality.

I began work on both the Introduction for the compilation of our newsletters and my talk in Laughlin by reading the “Brown Notebook”, from whose pages Elk got the idea of starting the Louisville Group so long ago. I wanted to explain just exactly what texts he used to create his idea of beginning this experiment which has gone on, now, since 1962. I found what is likely the seed of it, but will continue to read it through just to be sure there is nothing more pointed.

And I began editing the December 29th channeling, on the advantages of staying in the present moment.

I also indulged my love of cooking by collecting three new dessert recipes, for dark fudge, for lemon chess bars and for chewy chocolate chip cookies. They are all so good-looking, and easy to prepare! I was especially intrigued with the lemon chess bar recipe, which takes the terrific short-cut of using a cake mix. Cake mixes are excellent these days, a far cry from the sadly powdery, dry mixes of my youth.

Dianne wrote to set a date for lunch, and we agreed upon a day next week. Connie also set a date with me, so I am going to have some great girlfriend time soon! Mel got some alpaca information in my Inbox, which I forwarded to her at Avalon, thanking her for calling in so faithfully when she is going to use heavy equipment or power tools on the farm. She lets us know she will use them, and then at eventide she calls to let us know she’s survived! It is most reassuring.

And my brother, Jim, called from Denver to let us know that his wife, Kai, may well be pregnant! She will see the doctor today to confirm the home pregnancy test. Now there’s a dazzling piece of news! My little bro is 60! I hope it’s a girl, because he is definitely past the age of running around shagging balls and teaching a son how to tackle!!! Of course, he married a much younger woman, and I know Kai and he were hoping for a Rueckert baby.

She has one child from a previous marriage, a son named Fluke, pronounced Folk. The child-to-come should be a beautiful baby, whichever sex, with the mixture of our German-French-English blood and Kai’s Thai heritage. I just pray the baby gets Mom's beauty and not the bad eyesight of our family! I hope Jim is ready to keep working well into his eighties! Kids are expensive little fellers and raising one these days is costly. However, my brother is very, very good with kids and I know they are both just ecstatic.

Mick spent the morning doing odd jobs for three of his customers and the afternoon sharpening blades and chipping and shredding branches he has removed from customers’ fallen trees and limbs. He enjoyed the continuing springlike weather! It is our last day for the really warm temperatures, as we expect high winds again overnight and possibly some rain, bringing the weather back to a more seasonable 40 F.

We had a lovely whirlpool and then made love, exchanging energy at an amazingly high rate. I was floating on it all evening. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.