Saturday, January 12, 2008


Melissa, having promised to arrive bright and early, was in the basement doing town chores when I came downstairs to awaken Mick this morning. She was bright, but the day was gray and prone to rain, especially in the morning. I made her a pot of coffee and she, Mick and I shared Morning Offering. Then Mick went out to chip and shred the last of his current crop of yard debris from his customers while I came upstairs to work on some urgent e-mail.

Barbara, now on her way to see John of God once more, wrote from the road to say that she seemed to have lost my send of AQ9, part 2. So I re-sent her that, thrilled that, with this editing done, she will be through with all needed reading on the project for a while. This is necessary, for the entities who work through John will operate on her eyes tomorrow, and after that, she will not be able to read for a couple of weeks.

They will also work on her ears, since she is deaf as well as having very poor eyesight as the result of a sea accident where after being tossed off her board and skyward by a big wave, her surfboard came down upon her face hard enough to break her cheekbone. It caused a stroke in one eye and other problems in the other eye. All prayers for Barbara during this precious, sacred time of healing for her.

She accepted my entire plan for arranging the book and moving forward which I had sent her and Judy yesterday, so now the way ahead is clear on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues project! It’s wonderful news. I forwarded Judy her response so Judy would know that all was happy between the three of us collaborators.

Then I wrote Gary concerning the matter of people who send in questions for the Q’uo principle to answer at our public meetings. He has to deal with the disappointment of those good souls whose questions we do not ask at the meetings.

I explained to him that, first we have a time crunch. I no longer channel every week at our meetings. For the last few years Mick and I have chosen to have silent meditations half the time. And the local, sitting circle has the first dibs on questions. Lately, the answers to the questions asked have taken by far the majority of the time of working. So our ability to ask any questions that come from outside the sitting circle is quite limited.

Secondly, many of the questions asked by outside people are specific and topical. Does a procedure done during pregnancy cause autism in children? Is a certain channel trustworthy? There are many ways to ask for specific information on spiritual topics, and it is not always easy to see that there is nothing in the question which gives room for our Confederation contact to speak about spiritual principles.

I asked Gary to offer to Terry H, George K and others whose questions we have not asked our apologies, and to assure them of our deep love for them. We are not rejecting them! They are among the planet’s best people! Mick and I, in choosing what questions to consider, are simply protecting the polarity and tuning of our source as well as my own tuning as a channel.

Interestingly enough, just as I wrote this phrase, a hawk cried outside. That’s a good synchronicity indeed. Thank you, Ra!

All too soon, it was time for me to go to yet another doctor’s appointment. Nor is this one by any means the end of the spate! I am ailing in several different and creative ways, and each needs to be investigated. This appointment was with Dr. Johnson, an osteopath who is also trained as a naturopath, a light and color acupuncturist and many other alternative healing modalities. He sees to my hormone replacement, as my hormones have been sadly out of tune since menopause 15 years ago.

This would have been a simple enough visit if he had not decided to check my hormone levels by getting a blood test instead of a saliva test. I warned him just how bad my veins are and he said if, after two tries, the nurse had not collected blood, I could do the saliva test instead, but that the blood test was better at determining testosterone levels than the saliva test.

By golly, the nurse managed to collect just enough blood for one test. I told her, “Make it the test for testosterone.” This lab procedure took a long time! I was done with the visit except for the lab within half an hour, but it was another 45 minutes before I was out of there, due to the nurse’s extreme care, trying to find a vein successfully in only two tries.

To top all this off, the appointment time had somehow been fouled up, and I was there at 11 in the morning for an appointment they had down for 2:30. Melissa and I managed to make lemonade out of the sour fact by going to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s, where we had a delightful luncheon, and then shopping at the Goodwill near there. I needed jeans and she needed work clothes and some things for Avalon. It all worked out perfectly. I found three pairs of good jeans that fit my current girth and she found a good pair of work pants, two pairs of sweat pants and a solid milk crate, all of which she needed badly.

We finished our sweep of errands by depositing some cash which had come in for L/L Research. Then we had only to get Mick a dessert, as I always do when I get to go out to eat and he stays home and works. It seemed to be the day for things going awry: the little dessert shop we usually use was closed for the day due to a death in the family. We drove up and down Shelbyville Road looking for an alternative source of truly nifty desserts for my hero and found a brand new (to me) store with gustatory delights abounding, called The Cheddar Box. We chose the Chocolate Zucchini Cake, which Mick later said was sinfully excellent. Bingo!

We ended the day, after Mick’s and my bath and Melissa’s faithful office work on Avalon’s behalf, by watching again (for Mick) the movie through which I had slept last Sunday, Stardust. What an enchanting film! I am so glad he persisted. I would not have missed Robert DeNiro’s wonderful performance as a whoopsie for anything! And it is a true-ringing, resonant testament to unconditional love.

Mick offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.