Saturday, January 19, 2008


Mick and I awoke to a freshening day, a respite for the moment between two cold snaps. I count that as lucky! After Morning Offering I worked on finalizing the section on ritual, but was still not entirely happy with it when I quit to keep my luncheon date with Connie M. We had a wonderful girlfriend time, both of us feeling much refreshed for the sharing of energy. It is good to see Connie so much her old self after all the difficulties she had dealing with her Mom before she got it together to walk away from the fiendish tangle her Mom had created in her life.

She tells me her Mom is still at it, working by telephone to create upset and spread such emotions as rage, prejudice, hatred and jealousy. Fortunately, the effect is muted at a distance and Connie can far better see the manipulations involved and step away from reacting to them. Go, Connie!

I do not know why some parental relationships dwindle down to such a bitter brew. Connie feels that her Mom has been taken over by a reptilian and become a negative walk-in. The details of her story tend to support that theory, fanciful as it seems.

Sadly, her Mom is also gunning for Connie's daughter – her Mom’s granddaughter – way out in California. Molly calls her Mom fairly frequently in distress after such a poisonous telephone call and needs to be talked down from wanting to throttle her grandmother. Connie is getting very good at seeing that her Mom is really no longer "in there". This eases the pain a lot.

Back home, I supplied Gary with our older photo albums so he can begin scanning images to use for the Power Point Presentation that will run behind my talk in Laughlin. I shall have to practice with it, once I get my speech roughed out in detail.

I ran across a nifty, easy recipe for beer cheese and collected it for making on Superbowl Sunday for the Mick! He has such fun on that day, and he deserves a good nosh.

I wrote Fr. Ken, who has been a wonderful priestly influence on my life since 1968, assuring him that we would be praying for his wife, Phyl, as she undergoes cancer surgery.

Mick and I had decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking in a night of jazz at the Jazz Factory, and I made that reservation. The program will be aimed especially at lovers, and we certainly qualify! My illness and inability to exercise for this last year has made me look overweight and not that great, but my black-Irish cowboy still looks 40 and very buff, so the romance is unlikely on the face of it, but somehow the passion between us remains, proof against time and the erosion of my beauty. Praise the Lord!

I took some time to write a little introduction for Ian, who is creating a niche for the work of the Detroit channeling group, back in the '50s, whose material gave Don the idea of forming a channeling circle here in Louisville back in 1962. We only have a portion of the work transcribed so far – about half of The Brown Notebook material and a quarter of the later Man, Consciousness and Understanding manuscripts – but Ian wants to create a niche for it now, so he can get the existing material “out there” for people to see. I am very glad to see this occur so people can see our “roots” as a channeling group.

After our bath and whirlpool, Mick and I spent more time going through my clothes, sifting through to see what still fits. All my vests are too small and many of my blazers and jackets do not meet across my chest any more. Every suit had to go! And almost all my pretty dresses also. It felt wonderful to pull the beloved old garments out, fold them lovingly and bid them goodbye. I have loved wearing them! And I bless them on their way for someone else to enjoy when they find them at Goodwill.

Downstairs we enjoyed supper and found a block of CSI Miami. We like all the CSI series, but I especially enjoy the use of color in the Miami production, as well as the campy, over-the-top character played with such verve by David Caruso. While I was enjoying that, I finished up the Christmas thank-you notes that had been lagging on my to-do list, except for one, which I shall tackle tomorrow night. It involves a lot of reading, so deserves a time slot of its own!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.