Thursday, January 17, 2008


After Morning Offering on this cold, cold day I got a medical test I had collected here at home all ready to mail, with a million forms, it seemed, to go with, and bundled it up to mail in to the lab. It is a saliva test, which is part of what Dr. Johnson is using to determine my hormone replacement needs. It offers a lot more sophisticated level of information than the usual hormone replacement test and results in a compounded product which values six different measurements instead of two. It is a lot of trouble, but the results are worth it in terms of my comfort - relative freedom from night sweats and hot flashes.

Then I finalized the section in Chapter 11 on the magical personality and began the section on ritual, which took me to lunch.

After lunch I went back to the Brown Notebook and continued reading. I have two pages, now, of quotes from the Brown Notebook to use in preparing my speech for the UFO Congress. I should be able to finish this part of the research tomorrow.

At the end of the afternoon I spent some time working in my closet, which has been sadly neglected. I found a couple dozen garments which need to be stored until warm weather, which is some months away, and Mick took those down for me and stored them in the basement storage section. I also found quite a few dress blouses which are too small for me now, and which, even when they fit, I seldom wore because they were so warm when worn under a suit jacket. Time to start preparing a donation to Goodwill. It felt good to start getting more organized. I have a ways to go there!

With Gary’s help I got Vara’s wedding present wrapped and a pretty card affixed to the package. Her announcement showed that I am not the only lady favoring red hair these days!

During the afternoon I talked with Dr. Brown’s staff and set up the appointment to put tubes in my ears early in February.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.