Sunday, January 20, 2008


It was very cold outside today, but fortunately I did not have to poke my nose outside the door, so I stayed toasty-warm! I had had a very wakeful night and was somnolent, to the point that I fell asleep twice during Morning Offering! I could not rouse myself to the point of being creative when I came upstairs to work, so I dropped back and punted by editing the second of three transcripts newly deposited in my Inbox. This good work filled my time until lunch, which I shared with Mick.

Then Mick loaded up the trailer with firewood for Melissa and made the trip to Avalon for the third time this week. He reported a lovely, quiet drive with almost no traffic, probably due to the arctic temperatures.

I had a good afternoon creatively, getting into my wakeful stride at last and finishing the first draft of the section on channeling. At the end of the afternoon I worked to further clear my desk of the after-Christmas piles. My father’s brother married a Spanish woman, Conchita, and they produced a son, Carlos, who went to school here in Louisville and lived with my Mother, who doted on him, and he, on her. Since that time Conchita always sends all of us “kids” greetings at Christmas. She sends them all to me, and I send them on. I got those envelopes, with her cheery cards and postal cards of Venezia, where she now lives, ready to mail out to my brothers, Tommy and Jim.

I found a big envelope and mailed Melissa the information on the wood which is supposedly the oldest in the world, which a friend of L/L Research sent us as a gift and which I gave to Mel for Avalon. And I recaptured some gift books for which I have not yet sent thank-you’s. They came in after the first of the year and slipped in under my radar! It feels good to be tidying up the loose ends. Yet to do: the Christmas letter to my MacDuffie classmates. And a few other things as well.

I worked a bit with Gary on the on-line store, resolving a glitch in shipping charges. The store creeps towards being launched! With this last snag loosened, perhaps it will be up by Monday, webmaster Steve E says. Whee! It will be special to have that in place in time for Laughlin.

Ian and I corresponded about how to treat alternate spellings in the Detroit Group material – Hatton for Hatonn and Odina for Adonai. I suggested correcting the text to match the rest of the usage on site, but inserting footnotes to note the original spellings in the manuscript. That passed Ian’s muster, so I shall expect a manuscript from Ian shortly to OK for placement on site. That, too, will be good to have up on site before I go to Laughlin.

Gary and I conferred briefly on the matter of mugs. I’d originally asked for “L/L Research”, our web address and the Don Quixote logo for one side of the mug and “All Is One” for the other side. But printing the second side ups the cost of the mug, so we dropped the idea. I also asked Gary to check to see whether the company will be able to use the white-background image on the white cup OK or whether they need a clear background for the image. We don’t want a patchy-colored mug!

Romi came for the channeling meditation and we fielded a good question from Mick on how to use the principles of Western white ritual magic in everyday life. It was an interesting session, which I look forward to reading as I edit the transcript, eventually.

Romi, Mick and I discussed the format for our BBS tapes over his Love Tea and shortbread cookies. He has been including the Lord’s prayer which we offer before the channeling, and the chanting and prayer which we offer after the channeling, on the BBS CDs. However, our older audiocassette tapes, which Gary has been transferring to CD, are recorded without the opening and ending tags, consisting only of the channeling itself. So our CDs are inconsistent. We decided to include only the channeling on all the CDs for BBS.

Romi also reported that he is finalizing his CD of all of our 2007 public channeling sessions, so we can have one to take to Laughlin. With that CD and the volume of 25 years of collected Light/Lines newsletters, we have a fine array of items for the convention-goers - a retrospective of what L/L has produced over the long haul and a CD of what we've done lately. It feels good!