Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A beautiful snow had fallen when we awoke today, just an inch and largely decorative rather than any sort of nuisance. Kentucky snowfalls are generally like that, a pleasure to the eye but not a serious winter problem. Thank the Lord!

Mick went to St. Luke’s to clear away their walks, as they offer a pre-school and the kids need to have safe walkways. That is the second time in just a few days! So our Morning Offering was delayed quite a bit. I did not get into my office until almost 11 a.m. I spent my time before lunch working on the section on psychic greeting again, starting over, as I did not like the feel of what I had produced yesterday. I was not able to finish that before lunch, but I got a good start.

After a most pleasant lunch and stretching exercises with Mick, I came back to the office and worked through the rest of Secrets of the UFO, collecting quotes for my database for the Laughlin speech. Then I went through everything else I have from the Elk, his speech at JCC in 1983, his interview in 1978 and his “page one” document. I did not finish taking quotes from this final piece of Elkins’ words on the channeling experiment, but it is good to know I am close to finished. I need to create my detailed outline before I leave for Nebraska day after tomorrow.

I corresponded with Ian on the matter of Sean Donovan, who has a web site on Dan Fry, I know little about Fry except that Elkins thought his contact was legitimate and when he visited and spoke with him, he liked him a lot. Fry aso received channeling of the Confederation type.

Ian also had a question on a recent channeling session I sent in to be added to our archives, which I answered. It’s so good to know that these transcripts are “out there” for people to use if they find them helpful.

I got my teeth cleaned this afternoon, a necessary evil! My teeth are still my own except for a few crowns, and at my age that is a valuable asset. False teeth are forever bothering the wearer, no matter how fine a set they are! My mouth looks good except for one filling which has gotten too old, is cracking and needs to be replaced. Oh joy!

Romance found me tonight, as Mick asked me for a date again and we had a lovely, inspirited energy exchange. I love to sink down through all the chakras with Mick, starting with the purely sexual attraction we have always had, and then relaxing and talking together, moving through the orange and yellow rays, into the unconditional love of the heart, then into the enhanced communication and communion of blue ray and into indigo for our inclusion of the Creator and our opening of the gateway to intelligent infinity.

Romi came for a visit tonight for the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the final prayer, and then he stayed for a good conversation and a cup of tea. He says that he is all but finished with the CD of our collected 2007 public meditations! It will be good to take it to Laughlin and perhaps sell some copies there.