Saturday, January 26, 2008


Departure Day dawned brilliantly sunny and around zero degrees F! "The earth stood hard as iron; water like a stone", says the old hymn, and so it is today! After Morning Offering Jim packed things up downstairs while I put Jenny Traveller to bed in her travel case and got Gary to load up my portable printer. We said good-bye to the kitty cats, with much regret, and set out on our journey.

It was a lovely day of easy travel. And it is always a joy to spend the day traveling with Mick! We crossed over into Indiana at 2 p.m. and passed through St. Louis near 4:00. As we went west, the skies clouded over, first looking like herds of sheep and then, the cover growing thicker, having the appearance of a sky full of cotton balls. However it remained dry.

Jim had gotten a three-CD set of Queen’s music and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to their virtuosic work as we sailed through the faded fields of winter, with only the leaves stubbornly clinging to white oaks giving the eye some color.

We came to the Isle of Capri Casino Hotel in Booneville, Missouri, at 6:30 and enjoyed a delightful evening, dining very well in their restaurant and then coming back to our room for some good TV and the Gaia Meditation. Jim offered the closing prayer tonight. Tomorrow, we finish our trip to Nebraska!